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Thread: [DRAGON] - Pinata Dragon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviarei View Post
    The Pinata Dragon has been accepted! Thanks for the support yall!
    And Aurim didn't? I feel betrayed ;-;
    Nah good job, you earned it, and i'll wait for Aurim and the fin Glider, they have to be ingame
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    Hope this one gets added looks very cool. Hype! maybe they should make pinata dragons that you can break for this mod and there would be a rare chance of any of the pinata dragons dropping with most common being the ally and rarest the legendary pinata dragon. Or getting it through challenges like normally although it might take longer to get this dragon because theres probably quite a list of other dragons that are going to be added also.

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    Why's this still not implemented ingame D:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtiusTheFox View Post
    That looks like a fun Dragon to ride on. lol
    Also maybe the Souls for it could be rarely dropped from pinatas and only require 40 souls like the azulian did.
    Welp i was right about the dragon coming from pinatas except now instead of souls its an Egg.
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