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Thread: Shadow Titan- Elysian War Machine

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    Shadow Titan- Elysian War Machine

    Since its too late for joining the contest so i will post it anyway. This is what i have after pitching an idea about the game lore surrounds the Sky Realm.

    Description: Abandoned and forever lost, these ancient relics imbued with souls of deceased Elysians that was used in the war in the heaven were corrupted by power of Q'Bthulhu millenia ago. Once they were the embodiment for the power of greatness and elegance of the extinct Elysians, now nothing more than dark relics.Some lied dormant beneath the surface, others, somehow reawaken by the Shadow power have wandering across the land wreaking havoc and terror to anyone who comes in contact with them.


    Stomp: Melee attack, dealing moderate damage by slams two feet to the ground

    Wavemotion Beam: After charging up its power, the machine petrify everything came into its range, dealing a high damage with big blast radius

    Smash (Close-combat variant only): The Titan used both its hand and slams them to the ground, causing high damage to anyone nearby

    Ingame interaction:

    The Titan have two health bars, one is its shield, the other is its physical durability and in order to kill it completly, players will have to deplete its shield completelt then aim for its weak point, the lightly armoured head of the Titan.It will immediately attack anyone in sight.

    Images (The smaller block in front of it is standard Trovian)

    Gun-mounted variant

    Close-combat variant

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    Images aren't working for me, the description looks promising tho.

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