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Thread: Worst & Favorite Biome?

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    Favorite - Candy. It's adorable and I love the monsters. I even made my cornerstone into a cupcake. <3

    Worst - Either of the "seas". Really, I like all the biomes except this one. Before I got my fast mount I really hated it.

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    If i am playing Dracolyte then the dragon/volcanic biomes are awesome as i can pretty much just ignore the lava as it does nearly no damage.

    But if i am playing anything else then i really like the visual style of Candoria. Although i hate the dungeons.
    (Either a big cake where the easiest way is to get to the top on the outside and bomb your way in, or a lollipop where the boss/bosses fall down from because of bad design.)

    When it comes to dungeons i prefer the ice biome, the dungeons there are always nice and easy.


    Medieval Highlands with those horrible ranged bees, EVERYWHERE.

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    favorite - data spires & candy
    hate - ice, fae

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    This page.
    How could we all forget the worst biome?!?!
    Shadow Arenas

    No cornerstones!
    No building!
    No destroying!
    Very small!
    Many resources to get to!
    Only one dungeon!
    50% traps!
    All grey!

    I hope we all take a second to realize how horrible they are.
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    Least Favourite is Neon City: It's so dark, the mobs look the same as the "grass" and are difficult to spot. The need a glowing aura like mobs in the tundra/dragon biomes, Plasma everywhere. Even when it was non-functional, it was irritating to mine ore and have plasma constantly pouring down on you, occluding your vision. Now it drains my energy too. Many of the dungeons are convoluted and tortuous. Spotting dungeons can be tricky because of all the non-functional buildings. GFY neon city, gfy.

    Runner up for least favourite: Highlands: ******* wasps... and the whole place looks like someone broke the terrain generator. Most often the 3 star dungeons have their entrances burried somewhere and you have to bomb your way in.

    Runner up for runner up: (TIE) Dragon (lava lava lava lava oh yea and spiders that throw bombs knocking you into lava) & Ice (the only thing worse than slipping and sliding is slipping and sliding into spikes!)

    Favourite: 4 way tie: Undead, Candy, Fae, Frontier
    - wide open with lots of light to spot dungeons/mobs
    - no liquid hazards
    - relatively even terrain

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    favourite: Neon city... the dungeons give you a lot of space and arent overtrapped in horrible places (exception would be the newer red cube dungeon with the small passageways that hates the camera) and robo salvage is a great incentive to actually clear the mobs

    ... candy is pretty fun too... except on ninja

    least favourite: tundra... the ice is way to slippery for my liking... it makes everything feel chaotic... glitter bomb and send mobs flying to the other side of the room, shadow flip and go flying to the back of the room yourself
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    I love the undead areas, I can speed run those dungeons like mad.

    I absolutely HATE the candy biome. The 3 star lairs are the most time consuming and irritating buildings is this game. "Here, lets walk 60 floors through mazes and constant traps to kill 1 guy".
    I got my styles and now all I use that for is the scroll lairs.
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    Favorite: Neon City and Candoria
    Worst: cyberian tundra...the slides!!!!

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    Favorite: Any of the forest biomes
    Worst: Any of the ice biomes

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    Favourite: Undead

    Least Favourite: Volcanic

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