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Thread: The Trovian Maestros (World: 2704399765038298724)

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    The Trovian Maestros (World: 2704399765038298724)

    Our Club:
    We are a group based on making music. Anyone is welcome to be a member, however we are currently full and have a wait list to join. Maestros are chosen carefully, and will have their own areas in the The Trovian Maestro world to make wonderful musical creations.

    Membership Wait list:
    Due to the popularity of the maestros, we have implemented a wait list to join our club. You can apply for the wait list HERE.
    1. If your club list is full when we invite you, you will be removed from the waitlist.
    2. If you are offline when we attempt to invite you we reserve the right to skip you.
    3. If you are seen harassing other players, we will remove your name from the waitlist.
    4. If we see you spam messages, you will be removed from the waitlist.

    Maestro Acceptance:
    We are accepting new Maestros, however there is a waiting list.
    Maestros must log on to maintain their respective song areas. If a Maestro goes inactive for 30 days, they may lose their spot in the world.

    Current waiting list:

    If you are interested in being a Maestro, you need to create COMPLEX music in your own world before being accepted. Once you have completed your musical submission, contact Aviarei, Thresio, or Xieno. To a Maestro, you need to create 3 COMPLEX songs and submit an application and be approved by Aviarei and Thresio. If you only create 1 or 2, and submit your application, you will be considered for a Maestro position, but will need unanimous approval.

    If you are unsure what COMPLEX music would be, check out any of the existing Music and how it's timed and uses multiple notes/sounds.

    Click HERE to submit a Maestro Application.


    However, we do accept donations. If you would like to donate and are unsure of what to donate, we are in most need Formicite, and Infinium.

    Come check us out! /joinworld The Trovian Maestros
    Or the old code: /joinworld 2704399765038298724

    Club Leaders:
    Thresio, Aviarei

    Community Manager:

    Current Officers:
    MajorTom, VirtuousRob, Quibble, Zerock, Shouri, SlaxX, SunTzu, Solariana, GodlyKi.

    Current Maestros:

    Current Architects:

    Reitred Architects:

    Color Key: Leader, Officer, Maestro, Architect.

    Check out our Sub-Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/The_Trovian_Maestros
    • Leader of Patagonia (Epic Building World. Current Project: Notre Dame)
    • Community Manager of The Trovian Maestros (Largest Musical Club World in Trove. Current Project: Holiday Music Island)
      • Alpha Player
      • Closed Beta & Open Beta Player
      • Current Release
      • Mastery 208 (Exp 20775)
    Join Trove via my Refer a Friend Link!

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    Club World News:

    Space Reserved for News:

    Updates coming (Posted 07/23/2015)

    07/23/2015: Added a wait list for joining The Trovian Maestros. Link here: http://goo.gl/forms/p5SeMWeuLS

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    <Space reserved>

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    Merry Christmas From The Trovian Maestros!

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    Senior Member Tomslucky7's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    Wisconsin, USA


    Hi!!! This is MajorTom

    My songs list has moved to here. Check it out!

    ~~My Store~~
    IGN: MajorTom

    Refer-a-friend code: Le link of le refer le le le lelele

    Want to listen to some music within Trove?
    Check out my website! http://trovianmaestros.zohosites.com/

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    Senior Member Aviarei's Avatar
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    Sep 2014

    1. Gourmet Race from Kirby Series (Super Smash Brothers 64 version)
    2. Corneria from Starfox (Super Nintendo)
    3. Pokey Means Business from Earthbound (Super Nintendo)
    4. Temple from Zelda 2 (NES)
    5. Linebeck's Theme from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS)
    6. Normal Battle from Pokemon Coliseum (Gamecube)
    7. Cherrygrove City Tour from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (Gameboy Color)
    8. Normal Battle from Paper Mario (N64)

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    Junior Member
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    Dec 2014
    This Is Halloween from the Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited.
    Lost Forest from the Game Zelda.

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    Junior Member
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    Dec 2014
    Zerocks Island song list...

    [Floor 1]
    1. Luigis Ballad by Starbomb.
    2. Game of Thrones Theme from the show Game of Thrones.

    [Floor 2]
    1. Destiny Islands loop from the game Kingdom Hearts.

    [Floor 3]

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    Hey, Quibble here. Just going to post my (short) song list too. :P

    Update 2018-05-24: Decided to slip in one or two new tracks before resuming on Hyrule Field. The area now has a new addition: The Decisive Battle from Final Fantasy VI.

    Update 2018-05-06: All tracks have been updated where needed. SNES Rainbow Road has received a larger update than the other tracks that needed it. The track has effectively been rebuilt as I was unhappy with how it turned out originally. It now has a different set of instruments and more notes that were missing from the original.

    Update 2018-03-09: After a 2 year break (I hit a Valve time warp), I'm back and resuming work on music tracks. My main focus for now is fixing the tracks that got bugged due to the instrument block changes and updating some of the tracks with the new instruments. These will get marked with the (Updated) tag.

    Level 1 - Video Game Music (mainly loops)
    Section 1 (Left Track)
    1. The Foggy Cave In the Darkness from the Mega Drive / Genesis game Contra Hard Corps / Probotector. (Updated)
    2. Overworld from the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3.
    3. Hell March from the PC game Command & Conquer: Red Alert. (On Hold for Reconstruction)
    Section 2 (Right Track)
    1. Overworld from the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3. (Updated [2.0])
    2. Intro / Title from the Game Boy games Pokémon Gold / Silver.
      Intro / Title from the Game Boy Color game Pokémon Crystal.
    3. Crash Man's Stage from the NES game Mega Man 2.
    4. Door Into Summer from the 32X game Knuckles Chaotix.
    5. Fight 2 from the SNES game Final Fantasy IV. (Updated)
    6. Rainbow Road from the SNES game Super Mario Kart. (Updated [2.0])
    7. Meltdown 2 from the PC game Cave Story. (Updated)
    8. Overworld from the SNES game Super Mario World.
    9. Hot Air Skyway from the PS1 game Crash Team Racing. (Updated)
    10. The Decisive Battle from the SNES game Final Fantasy VI. (New)
    Level 2 - 'Messy' Tracks (those that can't make up their mind on tempo which means they can't be laid neatly and have to take a lot of room, just like the title of this section)
    1. Hyrule Field from the Gamecube / Wii game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (Under Construction)

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    Junior Member SlaxX's Avatar
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    Dec 2014

    SlaxX' TraxX

    Alright here's my Songlist

    Tower 1:

    Section 1:
    Shop Theme from Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
    Route 1 Theme from Pokemon Red/Blue
    Bonetrousle from Undertale

    Section 2:
    The Final Countdown from Europe In Progress

    Section 3:

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