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Thread: Club World stuff missing?

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    Unhappy Club World stuff missing?


    So a friend and I started a club, and in that club, we spawned at the very top of a hill on the only bio,m there. So as we put down all of the crafting benches and other items we could, and figured it would be safe there if we added other bioms. We made a pond, using a few of the water flowing blocks to fish in, and a little lava areas for farming requirments. Today we decided to add two bioms. I chose neon city and my friend the permafrost. So I used my two infi frames and resources and made the bioms. We then went opposite ways, and went down the hills close to water and placed our bioms. Success! We were very pleased so we met up back at the top of the center hill...only to find all of our benches gone, our lake gone, and some of the glass holding Lava started disapearing and lava spilling out. Also oddly enough a few half of the trees were sliced in half, but not facing the bioms, the halfs sliced were facing the center of the first hill biom there...odd right? Anyway I am hoping someone can help me with this.

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    Use this command:
    /club log [club name]

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