Name : Aranea

Size: 5 blocks high, 9 blocks long, 6 blocks wide

Color: Black ( Body ) , Grey, Green ( Eye )

How about a giant spider with 6 legs , with the skills :

Diaper Prison

Aranea wraps a player to join a coucon , which makes him unable to move , until another player frees him from it by attacking the coucon or have passed to 5 seconds . In the time the player gets only 50 % of damage received to him by enemies and every second 5 % hp loss by breathlessness of its maximum HP

Captivating Weaving

Aranea slows all players who remain in their sticky mass , which they distributed over a large area

Stomping anger

The spider makes a stamper where a shock wave is triggered and all players will be pushed back

How to play against this boss:

1. It should be possible to be able to jump over the shockwave of Aranea

2. should be simple to break coucon , so it does not all too difficult to have to fight against the spider

3. the scope of the sticky mass should not be too big , so you can still come out of the area

Before i forget that... Before she spawns you have to break her coucon... thats cooler

a good name for the dungoen would be the Weeping spider
Sorry, my English is not good