The old necromancer is a large hooded figure, which floats a few feet off the ground. Despite floating, it still has some vestigial legs, too short to give any weight. It has very long, slender arms, both gripping a large black staff, almost touching the ground. On top of the staff is a circle like object, connected t the staff by an invisible force. Under his black and grey cloak, his face resembles a sort of eldritch abomination. Its mouth is replaced by three short tentacles, and its eyes are large, glowing orbs of amber.


Regular attack:

The old Necromancer attacks by firing a condensed bolt of tainted souls

Dreams of the Past:

The old Necromancer teleports several meters away from heroes, moving out of danger and becoming invincible for a few seconds.

Dark Meteor:

The old Necromancer swirls his staff, and after a few seconds, summons 2 slightly weaker Shadow giant, raining from the sky. The necromancer takes increased damage when summoning this

Army of the Dead:

The old Necromancer slams his staff into the ground, summoning evil energy. The ground blasts apart randomly, with each blast spawning a random area enemy imbued with shadow powers (Stronger version of enemy, with a darkness aura)

Soul blast:

The old necromancer becomes invincible as he raises his staff, channeling the powers of Q'Bthulu. After a short delay, he fires a massive orb of souls at a target location, inflicting heavy damage