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Thread: Grud the Walking Frotress

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    Grud the Walking Frotress

    it looks like a Stone, Ice, Wood(think teant), Bone or Robotic(Think Neon) Golem fortress it has windows in it from wich mobs and turrets shoot down and to be able to damage the golem you have to detroy totems it has like 3 difrent totems. one in each arm and one in the torso.
    you will have to detroy the arm totems before you can destroy the torso totem. each arm totem you destroy removes the armour on his arms that goes with it and the torso totem destroys the rest armour of the Golem.
    Destroying totems sounds easy but you will have to fight your way toward them first!

    Special Ability's
    1) Ground Clobber: the golem Stombs the ground with its arms or by jumping up and down if it lost both its arms creating shockwaves that pushes everyone on the ground away from him

    2) Fly Squatter: the Golem will slam people in the air to the ground like they are flys dealing damage and disabeling their jump for a short duration

    3) BreakDance: the Golem lays down on its back and spinns with its arma waving around and legs in the air like he is breakdancing knocking everyone down and away thats in the air and disables jump for a second.

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    i like the wolking forest, i mean fortress idea that has several kinds like a treant, a robot, i ice golem, a Skeleton and a normal stone golem! but i think the ability's arent really screaming Golem Fortress!!!
    every titan could use those attacks i would have used like the turrets or mobs inside that fortress for its ability's! but the over all idea is ok i think

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