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Thread: The Shadow of B Q'thulhu

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    The Shadow of B Q'thulhu

    The Shadow of Q'Bthulhu
    Eyeball Version.

    Humanoid Version.

    The two are both the same, but just in case the titan still has to have a titan look I made the human version.

    Regular Attack: Shoots shadow beams. They do splash damage.
    If players get to close: Rams players with extreme knockback. However this should have a cooldown so melee classes aren't rendered useless.

    Eye of Mortar: Charges a shot, Inidicated by dark purple particles, looks into the air and shoots a huge purple bomb-like beam towards the players. Massive damage if in the blast radius. It also leaves the impacted area hazardous. Like the darkshrooms.

    Ima firin my eyezor: Charges a shot. However for a lot longer. It releases a huge beam towards players, being in contact with it means almost certain death.

    Crybaby: After reaching a certain amount of damage the Eye flys into the air and rainsdown lots of shadowy tears, spawning little eye minions. Getting hit by the tears causes you take damage.
    Basic Attack: Swings the hammer at players. Nothing special.

    Eyebeam: On occasion the EyeTitan will shoot a beam causing the impacted area to become hazardous.

    Hammer of Smackdown: Raises the hammer over his head, then proceeds to smash it into the ground. Several shadow rocks pop out of the ground and smash back down into the ground causing explosive damage on impact.

    Eye've had enough: The Eye charges up alot and shoots a huge beam, but unlike the eyeball version, the beam follows and tracks down players. The impacted areas become hazardous and spawn eyeball minions.

    I apologize for all the puns. :'( Eye couldn't help myself!

    Strategy? Keep moving! Staying in one place will get you killed. I was just inspired by the fact that most of the time the shadow boss is trapped in a corner getting destroyed easily.

    IMount and Staff Idea for the boss!

    UPDATE IDEA: Maybe you fight the humanoid version first, then when defeated it splits off into the pure eyeball form? What do you guys think?

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    Added Mount and Staff picture

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