Hello everyone, this is my idea for Shadow Titan design. enjoy it!

English isn’t my native language, so I’m sorry for mispelling something wrong, still learning…

Also, idea posted on official thread: http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...l=1#post212613

Well, most people are thinking about a giant-giant-really high-omg its really high-boss for a Shadow Titan, but you guys know what scare most than something big and creep? Something big, creep AND that you can't see…

The Shadow Crawler

The Shadow Crawler should be big as the Shadow Knight (that black meteor guy), but a wall crawler, like xenomorphs from Alien movies. Surrounded by black clouds, he walk and jump from a wall to another in a dark room. A room so dark that even dracolyte’s flamethrower can help, a darkness that can’t be removed by players.


1- The Shadow Crawler will choose a target and then jump to catch him and pull to the darkness, where the target will be hit. This moment your attacks will make some sparks effects, so the players can see him enough to shoot, releasing your friend.

2- Sometimes the Shadow Crawler will stay on ceiling and drop some eggs (around 10) on players, that will hatching little dark creatures damaging the players and giving some slow on them. This moment the Shadow Crawler comes to light (I mentioned that there’s only 1 light spot in this room? On center? Okay…) and if everyone kill the babies in time, then they can attack the titan once more.

3- The Shadow Crawler can also spit some dark slug on players from the darkness, giving damage over time and reducing your health regeneration and healing in 100% for 8 seconds, attacking after that.

4- Your last attack type happens when low in health (20% I think), the Shadow Crawler is now faster and more aggressive. At this point, every jump to a wall makes the floor tremble, revealing randomized dangers, like spikes, bottomless pit, plasma or even random enemies, like shadow knights and dropping eggs/spikes/bombs from ceiling. The Shadow Crawler stop using your skill number 1.

When defeated, no portal to get out, just a countdown to get hell out of there…on…foot.