Sorry for any mistake, english is not my primary lenguage.

The name of the post was a mistake, sorry. Its only a mecha.

A giant mecha boss will be fun. At least for me.

For every 25% health loss it opens and throws a group of 10 chickens that explodes when come near you.


Laser -> He kneels and start charge, while charging spawns a couple of enemys. When fully charged (10 seconds) it shoots three lasers on random directions.

Overload -> It creates an electromagnetic field that protects him from 25% incoming damage for 6 seconds, after this time he explodes dealing all received damage around him.

Gravity field -> In random locations around the mecha will fall blue meteors every 10 seconds that slows a 75% of movement speed for 3 seconds.

Thanks for your time, and sorry again for any mistake.