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Thread: Cubeques The Square

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    Cubeques The Square

    A Giant Spiked Cube with turrets on each of its sides!
    Basically a Large Spiked Companion Cube armed to the teeth!!!

    1] Turrets: each side of the cube has a turreton it.
    each turret can be destroyed seperately and under each Turret there is a totem which you have to activate by going near it and pressing E and kill the mobs that spawn to destroy it! when its destroyed the turret doesnt respawn anymore and the cube takes damage!
    but be carefull jumping in the hole to activate the totum can be tricky because when a turret is destroyed the cube starts rolling squashing any player caught under it.
    turrets respawn over time for as long as the totum issnt destroyed!
    Turret Idea's:
    - Bomber: shoots bombs that knock people away
    - Flamethrower: like Flame turrets but this one moves around
    - Mob Launcer: launches mobs that attack players near the impact site like the boomers Chickens but in a smaller area in which players agro them
    - Deadray: shoots lazers
    - Tractorbeam: pulling players toward itself
    - Grapling Arm: a arm it usses to attack players in melee and maybe throw them around
    - Lava Gun: shoots lava bombs leaving pools of lava that slowly dry up
    - Blaster: like line turrets but this one can rotate
    - Implotion Gun: the same as the bomber but this one shoots bombs that pulls people towards the impact.
    - Repulserbeam: Same as the Tractorbeam but this one pushes people away!

    2] Spiked trail: Occasionally the cube starts lolling and leaves a spiked trail where ever it goes! (these spikes can be destroyed by attacks/bombs from players but deal more damage then normal spikes and are longer and a difrent color)

    3] Cubecal Rampage: when the last turret gets destroyed or if mutiple turrets are destroyed at once the cube starts a rolling rampage. rolling so fast spikes fly off it like it are bullets! this makes it harder to jump into the hole.

    the cube can only be destroyed by destroying all 6 of its totems.

    iot was originally a Companion Cube, gues it got tired to being dumped into a furnace and decided to become a monster itself!!
    Now its in the Shadow Tower awating his nex victim and dash out some long over due payback!!

    Unique Loot:
    Rare drop: Battle Block(Ally), a smaller version of this Evil Companion Cube will now be your pet!

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    I was thinking maybe i should make cats come out of this box!!
    like hte cat in the boX!!
    what do you people think?

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    This is just a Cube with guns right!? Thats lame! whats next just a orb and then a piramid?

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