This shadow titan is not native to the land of Trove, but it does share some commonalities to its inhabitants. You see, in nature, bright, vibrant colors almost always indicate danger. It’s a warning as if to say: “Stay away! I’m super duper deadly”.

*sigh* I guess, the Trovians should have picked up on this when they first gazed upon the massive, neon-colored brute. His name is the Shadow Traveler, and he’s more dangerous than any enemy the Trovians have ever faced prior to waking the poor guy. Sadly, he just wants to be left alone..or, well….wanted to, because now he just wants to DESTROY ALL TROVIANS.

CONDENSED LORE(Kinda like Minute Maid Lemonade):

The Shadow Traveler comes from a distant galaxy, like super far. It’s a place where all in-laws should live because long distance calls cost way too much, and visiting is all but possible. Can you say...excuses galore?

Anyway, let's face it, we’ve all wanted to get away from time to time, and the Shadow Traveler is no different. One day the he decided to take an extended vacation to the other side of the Universe. How far is that, you ask? Well, I don’t know, and I doubt he does either, but nonetheless...he’s intent on making it there.

Unfortunately, he ran into a little snag, and when I say “little snag”, I mean “planet sized snag”. Turns out he crashed landed on the planet Trove centuries ago, and has been hibernating there ever since. How’s that for an extended layover?

To make matters worse, some goofs decided it would be a bomb idea to build a Shadow Tower directly on top of his crash site. That was about as bad of an idea as building a home development directly on top of an ancient burial ground. Looking at you...Poltergeist.

In conclusion, he’s big. He’s neon-colored. He’s just been woken up, and instead of going around planet Trove...he’s decided to go straight through it, destroying the planet, and all Trovians with it. You could say he’s killing millions of birds with one stone; smart thinking, Shadow Traveler.


Ability One (Dig a Tunnel): In an effort to continue his journey, the Shadow Traveler begins to dig down width x height amount of blocks. (This ability is repeated x amount of times until bedrock is reached with pauses in between in order to give the poor Trovians time to recover, while also unleashing his other abilities...so basically, no recovery).

Ability Two (Deep Breathe): The Shadow Traveler quickly becomes out of breathe while digging, causing him to pause and inhale large amounts of air. During Deep Breathe, all Trovians in the area are pulled toward the Shadow Traveler. (This pull is strong, fast, and not easily avoided. If Dig a Tunnel has created a hole, then Trovians fall into it...the deeper the hole, the farther they fall).

Ability Three (Exhale): The Shadow Traveler exhales vast amounts of toxins, causing a toxic cloud to form around him. (Exhale causes DoT, as well as disabling all forms of jumping and flight for a short amount of time).

Final Stand (Exhaustion): If the Shadow Traveler reaches bedrock he simply stops from sheer exhaustion. Instead of completely what he originally intended on doing, he simply implodes causing a massive explosion and large quantities of plasma to fill the hole. (If Exhaustion is activated, then no items or exp is gained.)


Easy. Think of a brightly colored Pacific Rim Kaiju with one hell of a bad hair day.