Name: Alcaziel, The Cursed Titan
Appearance: It would share similarities to a normal Trovian, but he would be much more bigger. His skin would be black to dark purple being a shadow titan. His armor would look like the design of the Shadow Souls. You wouldn't be able to see much of his face as it is covered with a helmet. On his back, you would be able to see six cyan, moving tentacle shapes. He also wields a peculiar shaped battle-axe.
Abilities: Normal attack: He will swing his battle-axe doing area damage to whoever is in his direction. Basically, nobody should be in front when he is attacking.
1st ability, Circle of the Damned: A giant symbol appears on the ground. That symbol has a chance of doing three things: 1. Slow everyone in the room.
2. Instantly deplete 30-50% health to everyone.
3. All the damage done to Alcaziel will be returned as health.
Note: All these effects will last as long as the symbol remains on the ground. The time of it staying should be between 5-7 seconds.
2nd ability, Soul Catcher: Alcaziel will rise his left hand up and begin channeling the ability. It is up for the players to react fast because as soon as he is done channeling, which takes about 2-3 seconds, everyone relatively close to him will be stunned and their damage taken from Alcaziel will be amplified. The stun duration is three seconds.
Note: Players stunned by this ability will be focused by Alcaziel a lot more than those who aren't.
3rd ability (ultimate), Spirit Purge: The tentacles on Alcaziel's back will start shooting energy blasts at random players. These energy blasts deal AoE damage and are very powerful. They start out shooting quite slow, but as time progresses, they will start shooting close to the gunslingers ultimate.
Requiem (passive): When Alcaziel looses 30% health, he will stop using his ultimate and his left hand as well as his tentacles will be equipped with the same battle-axe, only, it will have a more ghostly appearance. Now, he can attack in a 360 degree area, meaning both left and right as well as his back. His attack speed also doubled and he still keeps his cleave ability. What is even worse is that now he resists 25% of the damage dealt to him.
Note: Yes, he can still channel the stun ability. Get caught in that and say goodbye.

Lore (if necessary): Alcaziel was a normal Trovian who also set on adventures just like everyone else. Having conquered thousands of dungeons, his goal was to find the most thrilling of them all. One day, he stumbled upon a shadow key of a design far off from the normal one. He decided to use this key at a shadow altar, and to his surprise, it worked. He was sent to a Shadow Titan Lair, a powerful one, and immediately engaged in combat. His expertise with the battle-axe was useless, as the titan made quick work of him. Just as the titan was about to finish him off, Alcaziel came on his knees and begged for his life. He told him that he would do anything, just to be left alive. The titan laughed and told him that if he would join his ranks and crush any who would invade his domain, he would be spared. Alcaziel smiled, and accepted the offer.