Style : A Giant Icescream cone (kinda like the Candy barbarian number 2 skill). One hand is made off Hard Cookie and the other is made out of dark Chocolate which is all gooey looking like the chocowater in the game at the moment. Kinda going for the boxing feel, wish i could draw this but i cant draw . So just imagine a gaint icecreamcone that loved the rocky movies to much and his favourite toy while growing up was rock sock em robots.

Abilities : The auto attack is a 3 part combo, a basic 1 2 combo then on the finale attack it does a fury of fists.
Rocky Roads Right
he ground slams with his right hand made of the hard cookie creating shock wave which knocks back players and does decent damage this has an obvious tell which is easy ish to dodge if you are paying attention.
Chocee Left Cross involves his left hand made of the gooey chocolate this has a subtle tell which makes his left hand slighly glow then he punches spraying stickey chocolatey goodness in a cone AoE infront of him, the chocolate goo slows players speed and reduces there jump doesnt do alot of damage.
IceScream Sunday selects 5 or 6 random people to have an IceScream Sunday, basicaly he picks 5 or 6 people (depending on the number of people) and locks them in place with Icecream which is launched from his head. The way to get rid of this is for you or some one else to attack it to break you from this delicious prison.