Update 2:
We're up and running, folks! Thanks for your patience. While you may experience some queues as players get logged in, they should be brief. A lot of work is continuing behind the scenes to keep wait times to a minimum.

Update 1:
Hey all, we're extending our downtime and I wanted to let you know why: all of the additional data being generated this week has lead to a few issues.

The solution is to upgrade our database hardware. We're in the process of doing that now, and part of that process is to back up all of our data. With a data backup, if anything goes wrong, you won't lose any progress.

However, one of the other side effects of all this new data is a much longer than anticipated backup period. Specifically today we're going to need to add a few hours to our downtime in order to make sure all the data is backed up correctly.

We apologize, and know you were looking forward to the servers coming up. This will result in a much smoother and more stable Trove, and we'll bring the servers back as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hello everyone!

We will be performing maintenance, and rolling out a patch on 7/21/2015.

The servers will come down at 7 AM PDT / 2 PM GMT and should be down for approximately 6 hours.

As always, we'll try to come in under that.

Thanks for your patience!