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Thread: Bane, The Bone-Breaking Behemoth

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    Wink Bane, The Bone-Breaking Behemoth

    It should look like a mix between a skeleton and the Headless Horseman Character. The name obviously Would be Bane, The Bone-Breaking Behemoth. The 3 Abilities it would have= 1. Be able to Randomly place 5 Spike Traps anywhere in battle. 2. Be Able To Toss players in the air to cause fall damage. 3. Have the ability to weaken the players damage ration by using poison or acid of some sort.

    These are based from what i had in mind that i came up with by myself. i think the name itself for the titan sounds pretty cool and awesome. let me know what you guys think in this thread. would like to hear your guys input

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    Sounds good

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