This shadow titan should look like a typical 3 heads hellhound. Basic attack can do an cone shape aoe, and apply debuff so the damage goes up gradually if it keeps hitting the same target. The idea of this boss is to torture time and space and create chaos from shadow.

The 1st ability it uses is Gravitational singularity. This ability teleports all players around it on one single block in front of it. The point of this skill is to make a difference from typical boss attract skill and combo with it's other skill to make them more effectively. This should be a instant cast skill, but with a long cooldown.

The 2nd ability is shadow bane. All players are applied the debuff for damage taken and then take a fixed percentage of damage over time.

The 3rd ability is chaos explosion. The boss shows a visible energy shell and all ranged attacks are absorbed by the shell. After 5 seconds the shell explode, return a percentage of the damage absorbed back to players. All players are knocked back and rooted for 3 seconds after the explosion. This skill is to mainly test familiarity and coordination of team.

This is the idea for my shadow titan boss! Any suggestion to make it better is welcome!