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    Neon Dragons Edition

    Arriving on 7/21/15!

    == FEATURES ==

    * You can now earn Neon Dragon Caches from challenges, or purchase them on the store!
    * Neon Dragon Caches have an uncommon chance of dropping Neon Dragon Souls, and have a rare chance of dropping Dragon Coins.
    * Dragon Coins can be used to craft previous dragon souls as well as for forging.
    * There are now more levels of rewards for dragon progression! Since souls are more common, the required amount to max your progression has been set to 100.
    * The chance to get 1000 Flux or 50 Eyes of Q'bthulhu from Neon Dragon Caches is slightly lower than it was with Azulian Dragon Caches.
    * Crafting the Azulian Dragon Soul with Azulian Dragon Essences no longer requires a Dragon Coin as well as essences: it now costs 4 Essences and Glacial Shards. There is now a new recipe which costs 2 Dragon Coins and Glacial Shards only. In the future Dragon Coins will be usable to get other out of rotation Dragon Souls.

    == GAME UPDATE ==

    * Chaos Chest has been randomized! This week’s contents include some hard to find mounts.

    * All boats now accelerate faster when not turning.
    * NPCs should no longer get pushed around by Tomb Raiser minions.
    * Friends are now visible through walls from further away, using a different color.

    * Earthly Dragon Adventurer Chests no longer drop. They have been replaced with Panda Adventurer Chests, which have a chance of containing the rare Giant Red Panda or Giant Fae Panda mounts, designed by FriedSushi!
    * The Neon City biome now shows up as a challenge biome.

    * The equipment comparison tooltip now shows correct difference for percentage based stat modifiers.
    * Added rules to select an acceptable default fullscreen resolution if none is set when Trove launches.
    * Added brightness and gamma controls to video settings.
    * Added Whisper to player context menu in chat.
    * The map legend now changes based on which world you're currently in.
    * The game now mutes sound when it loses focus.
    * When making Steam Wallet purchases without the overlay enabled the client now tells you that the overlay must be enabled for that action.
    * The chest/loot-box opening UI now closes when the player moves or presses escape, just like all other UI elements!

    * New uncommon and rare staff styles have been added to the game!
    * New Melee styles have been added to the game!
    * *The granted Shadow Keys which were broken should now work.

    * Crafting can now start a second stack of an item.
    * The Elysian Flask refilling station on the starting cornerstone is now lootable. This only affects newly created cornerstones, not existing ones.

    * Implemented additional server and database optimizations.
    * Fixed a bug where consecutive login stat could get reset when it shouldn't have. Really.
    * Neon city "grass" now works like other grass, (will spread onto dirt).
    * Fixed a bug where grass would sometimes change into the wrong type of dirt.
    * The Sky Realm no longer incorrectly displays recipe icons on the worldmap.
    * Master Magician and Master Cheep Emblem descriptions no longer incorrectly state they can be bought for cubits or credits from the store, and correctly state they can be obtained by achieving the appropriate mastery rank.
    * Fixed an issue with Patron Passes not working when changing worlds soon after purchase.
    * Fixed a bug where you lose bonus Patron Pass flask changes when changing worlds.
    * Fixed a bug where the fog of war would not update correctly.
    * Fixed a startup crash.
    * Fixed a bug causing VFX to sometimes not appear.
    * Clubworld maps no longer incorrectly use the dragon biome icon on the map for zones that cannot be modified.
    * Fixed the unsightly flickering in the Warhorse and Radiant Steed mount VFX.
    * Cursed Skulls no longer break apart when completed.
    * Arcanium Crawlers have had their legs made more symmetrical.
    * Slightly decreased number of log lines in the club log.
    * Three-star dungeons should now use the correct portal on the outside when completed.

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    Made one update to these notes and this patch, the new crafting recipe for the Azulian Soul now costs 2 Dragon Coins.

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