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Thread: Terrifying Tyrannical Titan Pinata Strikes Back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siimon View Post
    I believe they took many of our ideas but will modify too much of them to call it ours.

    As for this thread... 2 possibilities... 1) They will implement it & didn't bother putting it in the finalists or 2) They don't want to go with this concept & are just ignoring the community wishes.

    If I knew they wanted something "in a box" that doesn't leave the box & just copy/paste other games... I would have tried different concepts then what i came up with. It's just sad to see how much devs like generic bosses that are found in every mmo.

    Resuming... Shadow Tower ---became---> Generic Tower. :3

    EDIT: @Alphaneos: I also don't understand how & why they picked FriedSushi Hydra over the 2-3 others made. Her Hydra was better or something? Idk... & honestly will let this go since I don't like the direction took by the devs.
    I think they where just looking for a generic trove boss with nothing new to add to the game, or to better put it a inside the box idea!
    if they wanted it to be a inside a locked box idea with abilities that are already in trove or super easy to put in trove they should have said so! i could have come up with way batter ideas than this 4 they picked! but since they asked me to think outside the box,thats what i did! and i tried to create a titan as awesome as possible!
    at this rate this Tower thing is just going to be a unfd-up version of Shadow Arena!

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    I'm just surprised I didn't get an honorable mention for almost hitting 10k views when second most viewed and responded on was only like 1500 at the time.. but oh well. I tried, I wish Sushi the best of luck, she is a friend and everyone that was going to tear the votes up on mine should vote for hers instead.
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