SUGGESTION~PvP/Dueling/Club Wars!
So Far, So Good!
Hello fellow Trovians!
So I have been keeping up with this game for close to a year now and let me tell you. I am so impressed at the amount of time and passion the Developers have really put into this game. Since just last October to now, I have seen well over 40+ new Allys/Loads of Costumes/5+ new classes and ton of other in game changes. From different Shadow Arenas, that actually feel more like a Small Raid to all the new dungeon layouts and specific Biome Dungons and monsters.
Possible changes to upcoming updates?
Player Vs. Player
A really big thing for me when it comes to RPG/MMORPG games especially the Fantasy RPG's is the ability to fight other players! (To the death or just for fun) I really see infinite potential for Trove to implement in a Player vs. Player system. You could even hold the fights in an Arena somewhere and other players can watch and que into the arena to fight the champion of the last match. (The winning Trovian moves on to fight more) You could even give gifts to so many wins or some kind of Treasure Trove like when it comes to mining or the random box drops from monsters.
Club Wars!
This is by far my biggest Suggestion. I really without a doubt feel like a large majority of Trovians have some sort of want for a system like this one. Something where Clubs can battle it out in the arena for fame and fortune! This system is beyond anything I can think of. I am sure it would be a difficult mechanic to put into the game, but I am sure from what the devs have already done. I have faith they could do it with precision!
Pirate Ship Battles
Now this just crossed my mind after seeing the Ship update and seeing the Pirate fire a cannon off of his boat and destroy a Floating Seashell Crate. Now I think this would just be simply amazing to be able to attack other player ships ( Only if they agree! ) and the winner gets a portion of the Booty! I mean they are pirates, right?!?

Closing Statements
I really hope you have enjoyed reading my Suggestions and I hope that at least 1 of these can be implemented into the game if not all of them!
I hope everyone has a great day and I'll meet you in Trove!
IGN: Itsbeans