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    I'd like to see this trying to stomp my guts out again... without the Crimefighters going off around me.

    But seriously:
    -It could be your first burrowing critter, complete with knockback and screen shakes.
    -Claw Stomp locks the character (who didn't dodge fast enough) in place, if ninja/sage mechanics can work on us.
    -Summons Skitterlings when down a % of health.
    -Roll attack knocks back anything in its path for x distance.
    -At low health, spits poison goo in an arch forward.

    Could be interesting with an underground biome...
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    u must destroy the guy who is controlling the shadow titan (in the picture) and then the shadow titan lose control without its master and transform to into his final form and hes so high that u need at least 20 jump to reach his face to attack btw u can only attack his legs and face (u attack the face 2x more damage) and when shadow titan is in final form he gains 1.5x more damage then the previous form and he has the albilty to grush the trovians at the below so the people need to watch out for his legs whle they attack and when the shadow titans dies there is a huge explosion that people need to avoid or they might die! and also the shadow titan final form can punch to let u know so u need to make a new model but it would be AWESOME!

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    Shadow Titan Idea

    The shadow Titan should be BIG like a boss. A ability should be like high damage hits, pulls blocks and players to attack radus. Evrey minute he/she shoots a red block and the block pulls blocks and players to the block and explodes shooing everything.

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    Shadow Tiran Thingy

    So to be honest I'm pretty nooby at the game as in I'm really knew so I'm just going to say how I'd like it to look because I really have no idea about the abilities it should have and the name because I don't know what has already been used. I want to make the boss to be tall and basing it off of the picture in this thread I'm think of a spider like looking thing that's tall and it's gonna be dark purple with red eyes and it'll be really fast. Really here's a summary of what I have: A really tall spider that's dark purple with red eyes and it runs really fast.I just realized how long this response is...

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    The Headbanging man (or Metalman)!
    A huge, tall humanoid in the style of a hard-rocker holding a Flying-V electric guitar, using music as a weapon (!!!)
    Visual effect of weapon or Titan's skills the musical notes.

    Guitar whirlwind: A Fast and brutal spinning of his guitar, where players must stay in the air (multiple jumps) to avoid the AoE.
    Stun: Forcing players to headbang for a period of time
    Smashing MegaNotes: Musical Notes falling from the ceiling (or sky, if area is open) exploding!
    Metal Hammers: Titan will throw metal hammers in all directions

    Minions: They could be unique, (as the Titan himself) shaped in the form of the devil's horns hands.

    P.s: \m/

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    Name: Eye of the Black Void
    Look: A mass of black smoke that has a purple "eye" mass as the true spot to hit in the center, levitating. It can use the smoke as tentacles to attack the players.
    Abilities: The main attacks are using the smoke tentacles. The eye is capable of sending a purple cone wave towards the players, causing serious damage, knockback, and a random effect. It can throw purple "bombs" that cause a poison effect to the AOE. It can, as an "ultimate", suck in players, then knock them back very far and deal a huge amount of damage.
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    What I would like to see with a big boss such as the shadow titan would be different boss phases/forms similar to the Master Core in Super Smash Bros where you have to defeat each form to advance to the next one.

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    I would have an Really Big and Especially "fat" Armored Knight(like ironman hulkbuster) with a really huge two-handed sword in mind. After Players do enough Dmg to him, he would change his Appearence(some Knights in recipe Dungeon throw away their sword if they low, so it should be possible).

    I am really bad at naming, so it has no name for now, maybe some1 has a good name for it

    His First Form would be him in his Fat Armor, he's really slow, can't be pushed back and his Melee attack is slow(like 1 attack every 4 sec), but Hits a Huge Area for a good amount of DMG. His Ability would be to Summon a Minion every 20-40 sec(very low hp, very low attack), as long as the Minion is alive the Boss is Immune to all Dmg and regenerates his HP very slowly, but still attacks). The Minion will stay close to the Boss, so that the Boss still can attack. After he lost 1/3 of his HP, he will throw away his Armor changing into the 2nd Phase.
    Now He is in his Fighter Form, his movespeed is a bit faster than a Standard Hero, He attacks faster now(like 1 Attack every 2 seconds) and hits Units in a Line. His Ability in that Form would be an Shield that Reduce some DMG(-8-16%) he gets and as soon as the second 2/3 hp are down the Shield explodes, Dealing a good Dmg in a moderate Radius around him and knockback every1 caught in it. While the Shield eplodes, he throws his Sword away.
    In his last Form he will be a Fistfighter, his Movespeed is very fast, his Attackspeed is very fast(1.5 attacks each second) for a rather low amount of dmg. However in this Form he will Focus the ranged heroes first, ignoring the melee fighters if theres a ranged one. His Ability in this form is to Ignore all knockbacks, stuns and holds(ice mage and ninja as example, however his low dmg should compensate for this good enough). After he Lost all his HP, he will continue to Fight for 10-15secs(srupriseeffect).

    would be my idea about a boss

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    i think they should be kind of like the classes but be very dark and gothy like so its like fighting a mirror. do you get what i'm saying? oh and could you add ice wings?
    dark mocker.

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    Boss Idea

    Here my Boss Idea, ill give descriptions to each of its abilities and looks in subjects. anything that says (option) next to it you don't have to do, just something that would make it better.
    The Dark Clone Let me know if there could be a better name for it.
    Cowards Copy The Boss copy's the Strongest/only User first ability, in a 50 block radius.
    Shadow's Final Defense Once the user weakens the Boss to less than half of its health, it has a chance of using a strong move that lowers everyone's HP to half of what it is currently, if The users health is at a number where it cannot be halved with out decimals, it will not be halved.
    The Shadow Children The Boss summons an equal amount of shadow knights(or whatever crazy creature you can come up with) to the amount of players within a 50 block radius. the shadow knights will have half of the strongest players Physical Damage and double the amount of the weakest players Defense.
    It had a very humanoid body except all the skin is pure purple, it is 10 times the size of a normal user/player. Its clothes are a cloak(pure black) all the way down to his legs. Its main attack is whatever the strongest players main attack is(Example: if its a knight, it uses a sword, if its a shadow hunter it uses a bow.), his eyes are closed the entire time he is idle, if he starts to attack/charge up a attack, his eyes will open. he has dark red eyes.
    Weaknesses (Option)
    Any Class that has light attacks or has a weapon that fights demons/shadows.
    Any Class that has dark attacks or has a weapon that is dark.
    thank you for reading, hopefully this was where i was suppose to put it.

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