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Thread: [BUG] Screen Jerking When Turning

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    Thread has started in 2014, and in late 2017 (almost 2018, Carl!) the problem still persists.
    I don't have the Razer products (nor the apps/software), the sensor is clean, and also is the mouse pad. But I can't even do a single 180-degree turn without the camera flipping to a random (!) direction. Turning multithreading on/off has no effect either (as stated by devs as a "workaround").
    On my free time I think "Hmm, let's play Trove", and as soon as I launch it, and complete a dungeon or two (or the hourly challenge) I remember Consuela's "No, no" (from the Family Guy), and just ragequit the game.
    I streamed Trove, but got fed up with that camera bug, and just moved to other games. And common sense tells me that I wasn't the only one...

    IGN: Vitalius

    Quote Originally Posted by ExolonKnight View Post
    Well the way your servers are no one can actually tell the difference between a DDos attack and Lag.
    As the lag is so prevalent for past 3+ years no one notices because Trove acts like normal like a Whale
    Swimming through the Sahara desert i.e. bloody slow as F..... lag is 24/7 so I for one can't tell the difference
    And yes as I've said the past 3 years.. it's ONLY Trove.... even Runescape servers make Trove ones look like true, true Potatoes..)

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    Started having this problem myself.

    This mouse has been giving me issues and I wouldn't be posting here, but this problem didn't exist yesterday. So it's something with trove now. Idk what happened, not a fan and will avoid playing until this is fixed. Literally unplayable because the screen jerks so much

    EDIT: Just plugged in my old mouse to see if it's my new mouse issue. Still happens with logitech g600. So it's 100% a trove issue. Fix it now.

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    Also having this issue, advanced pointing accuracy turned off, no synapse, etc... same issue. Just randomly will swivel the camera 90 degrees in a random direction, completely throwing off gameplay.

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    There is some ppl that there is ways to fix it like if you using razer you closes the razer synth thingy and that the mouse are not giving realy good singnals bc it is dusty the laser thing and you need to clean it or switch mouse annoyingly for me the same bug is for me and noting of those thing is working for me and it is driving me crazy

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    for many ppl fix was going to settings > miscalenous > enable multithreading < disable that option

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    this is a common problem for razer mouses just close razer synapse and its going to be fine

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    Nobody figured it out yet! Litterly just go fullscreen...

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    FOR ANY OF YOU THAT HAVE A LOGITECH MOUSE Once i turned my polling rate from 1000 to 500 it fixed the issue i hope this helpes

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