so i have 2 issues as listed in the title.
first one, for some reason i was forced to change my ingame name from "Fayd" and it is now "FaydT". this has caused friends to be unable to join me properly in many cases. i also show up as un-named or just offline.

other problem, my old club from years ago doesnt let me join it. whenever i try it just says "world not found". i wouldnt mind this terribly if not for the fact that i put all of my costumes and other items i made with real money currency in my club chests...

side note, it seems that my gardening skill and maybe some others were totally reset. not sure why or how all of this happened, my character was reset at one point but the devs managed to fix that. hopefully they can fix this also, but i made a ticket and after about a week and a half they seem to be purposefully ignoring it.