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Thread: Crappy download speeds with launcher

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    Exclamation Crappy download speeds with launcher

    I'm not sure if glyph launcher has a bandwith limit or something, but I'm currently downloading the game at 1.2 KB/s, however, if I restart my launcher, the download resets and I get my 500+ KB/s but it's useless as it will fall back to such terrible speeds. any fix?

    I'm downloading a 38 MB update at an annoying speed, restarting the launcher again, resets the download back to 0 and my 500 KB/s speed dropping down to 1 KB/s

    Currently halfway through, I don't want to restart the launcher as I don't want to restart the whole download again (I was like 80% done already then I restarted it)

    I could update other games faster than this game, and yet that game is like 3 GB huge, done in 5 mins. This, it's taking longer just for a 38 MB update.

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    I noticed mine did that also, it went from 1.80 MB/s to 0 KB/s around the 29.0 MB mark... It keeps going up and down in the 10-30 KB/s zone...

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