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    Consecutive day issues/queue logs

    Due to the queue issues which we are all aware of and hopefully will one day be fixed, some players may eventually have the issue of losing their consecutive day bonus linked to the badge acquisition.

    My most recent two attempts to login tonight have failed to get me under 30 minutes then decided to crash and error reports had to be sent. At the moment of typing i am on my third attempt and have watched it go backwards from 45 to 62 and above.

    I feel that due to this being a server issue linked to the company, the players who have tried their hardest to meet a simple achievement of logging in to continue the consecutive day bonus should not be penalised as it is not their fault.

    I would like to request that Trion look into any cases where a player loses that consecutive day as re-earning it after losing 30 days straight or more isnt entirely fair on the player who only lost that bonus due to the server queue issues.

    Perhaps we could log into the forums and post somewhere to state we at least tried our hardest to login to the game so as not to lose it. Perhaps even a picture that shows the wait time and datestamped for ultimate proof should you really require it.

    I appreciate your attempts to update hardware and hope that what you are working on is resolved in a timely manner.

    Please dont penalise us and make us restart this badge from scratch

    Any feedback would be great, thankyou for reading.

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    Our queues are our top priority at the moment, and we are taking steps to improve them through the day. Please post in our official thread on queues with feedback or additional questions regarding the queues and related issues.

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