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Thread: [GUIDE] One-step extracting all client files

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnappyOmega View Post
    I put both the devtool_unpack_client.bat into the Trove Live folder, and it comes upi as a notepad file, and I cant do anything and it isn't working when I tried changing and seeing the File Extensions. along with the extract.bat, but when I double click on the extract.bat, it opens, starts extracting everything, and then closes randomly. I checked the extracted folder and the files werent there. Please help. (I even tried the thing Dusty_Mustard told someone, and it still came up as a notpad when i did rightclick --> save as) And i
    I wonder what I told someone.

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    Thumbs up Doesnt work

    i cant seem to get it to work a second time maybe script needs to be updated?

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    please make a video tutorial because I don't seem to get what i'm supposed to do even after reading the posts

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    Oh just this Video tutorial from Scythe plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4an-gzBGmk

    also maybe this helps (it was good for me...and i am german XD): (Material Maps Guide): http://trove.wikia.com/wiki/Material_Map_Guide

    Then you have this: https://www.trovesaurus.com/page=591...m-tfa-packages i used the .bat from ignitas since it creates a single Folder in the live Folder and extracting all files into the new extracted Folder....first: rightclick, save target as, sreach your live Folder and save the -bat file there, then click the devtool_unpack_Client file, a black window will open, then you make a y for yes in the black file and press enter....after that it will extract all files, when the .bat has finished his extracting it will say to you: press any button and will close itself...

    Also a note: to test your mod you can create an Folder named override in the normal blueprint Folder, when you put your new created blueprints there it will automaticly override the normal game files (when you named your blueprint files correct...so when the normal costume is c_c_pirate_r_Hand (just a sample dont know the Name exact now) and your mod is named the same, it always will Display the costume ingame as the Thing wich is in the override Folder.

    I use Zoxel (the awesome updated Version from ignitas where you can choose the colour with the Hex-code, downlad here): http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...-Zoxel-fork%29

    Also when you convert your .qb files to a blueprint it sometimes create 2 blueprints: 1 in the Folder with your .qb and one in the normal blueprint Folder: beware: i could not start the game if the blueprints are in the normal blueprint Folder and not in the override (dont know if it is so for everybody), also: your mod Folder should be in the live Folder...maybe you mark him like scythe with a ! in front of it....but i had Problems when i make the letters from the Folder big like B instead of b...or used space...instead i use to Name the Folder a _ underline(that were the Problems i had....i dont think it is for everybody the same....

    So maybe i could help you, maybe not, greetings from a newbie in modding^^

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    I hope someday there's a Mac alternative :'0
    Either way, this is pretty awesome and thank you for the info, Granitore! ❤︎

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    (I'm spanish, so use the google translate)
    Cuando abro el archivo, aparecen tres de bloc de notas que dice esto: (Uno de esos es este)

    Error en el script de esta página
    Línea 1933
    Carácter 17
    Error "Node" no está definido
    Código 0
    URL http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8...-are-displayed

    żDesea continuar ejecutando scripts en esta página?
    SI NO

    When I type Y three times, one says in URL:
    The 2nd says:
    And the last one says:
    The "línea, caracter y código" says in 2nd and 3rd only: 0
    And the 2nd and 3rd notebook says: Script error


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    Mac OSX blueprints extraction

    To those to say that this isn't possible on MAC OS X - Please guys...

    1. First localize your Trove folder (without Steam it should be something like /Applications/Trion\ Games/Trove-Live.app/Contents/Resources/Trove.app/Contents/MacOS/Trove)
    With steam it will be more or less /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Trove/Trion Games/Trove-Live.app/Contents/Resources/Trove.app/Contents/Resources
    One thing to remember here is that first you have to go inside Trove-live.app and then Trove.app... Then finally you'll find MacOS folder with Trove file inside.

    2. Go there using your terminal (command line)

    3. Type in chmod 744 Trove

    4. Type in ./Trove -tool extractarchive blueprints extracted/blueprints

    5. You'll have your blueprints in extracted/blueprints folder.
    You can probably use it to get all other stuff just like in Windows, just change the "blueprints" to other parameter of what you need

    Well I didn't get too much deep into it so please let me know if that's not properly or something.

    Also getting all of this done on MAC is really bad. You can't even search the forums because "os x" or "mac" words are too short.

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    will it overwrite my other files?

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    i did all of this and i still cant find the blueprint file, what am i doing wrong? and its a qb file

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