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Thread: [GUIDE] One-step extracting all client files

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtiusTheFox View Post
    This should be a Sticky Thread tbh since you cant mod anything without extracting the files from the archives.
    it's already mentioned and linked in milambit's comprehensive guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bananaboms View Post
    it's already mentioned and linked in milambit's comprehensive guide.
    Oh i didn't see that at first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignitas View Post
    Hi all.

    I've creating a simple bat script which allow us to extract all client files by simply executing it instead of having to type ~50 commands in the windows console.

    Download: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/c...ack_client.bat (right click -> save as...)

    Source: https://gist.github.com/chrmoritz/c304dead49ce6a38653f

    How to use:
    Download the script from the link above (right click it -> save as...) and move it to your Trove folder (next to the other devtool bat files and the Trove.exe).
    The next step is as alway backup every not yet saved modification you did to the client files, because they will be overwritten with the newest version by the devtool.
    To extract all client files to the extracted folder you only have to double click the devtool_unpack_client.bat file (inside your Trove folder) and a command prompt will open asking you if you are sure you want to continue (explaining the reason for the last backup step). Now you only have to type y (to continue or n to abort if you are not ready yet) and watch the devtool do it's job extracting all folders. After it's completed you should find all files extracted inside the extracted folder (located in your Trove folder).

    BTW: It recursively iterates over all subfolders instead of using hardcoded paths so it should be future proof for later Trove client layout changes.
    When i save this it comes up as a notepad program and i can't change it to cmd. How do i fix this

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerSmurf View Post
    When i save this it comes up as a notepad program and i can't change it to cmd. How do i fix this
    Enable Windows to show File Extensions for known file types, It is opening in notepad because you are making .txt files still.

    http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/26/ (ignore the fact that it is on winzips site, they had a good guide even if their program sucks).

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    Thx you very much , i can update my mod now

    (and also thx to Dusty_Mustard for helping me in another topic ^^)
    Sorry for my English

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    and for mac please
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOG85 View Post
    and for mac please
    It's not possible for Mac.

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    Not working

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    This isn't working

    I put both the devtool_unpack_client.bat into the Trove Live folder, and it comes upi as a notepad file, and I cant do anything and it isn't working when I tried changing and seeing the File Extensions. along with the extract.bat, but when I double click on the extract.bat, it opens, starts extracting everything, and then closes randomly. I checked the extracted folder and the files werent there. Please help. (I even tried the thing Dusty_Mustard told someone, and it still came up as a notpad when i did rightclick --> save as) And i

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    This actually works guys, u all need this!

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