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Thread: Let's Talk Minigames

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    Capture the flag sounds cool and the pvm but i was thinking a couple biomes big lors of bunkers special bombs to hurt players only stored in chests accsesed by anyone and an all out free for all battle going on not a go through the portal fight peeps die sometime and respawn

    Just my thoughts on this and please don't do what neverwinter did

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty_Mustard View Post
    I would check out a CTF if it was put in. Loved TF2. Sadly we don't have snipers that can headshot, engineers with permanent turrets or spies that can backstab, so I would be a little lost. But using the neon ninja to to root the flag carrier would be amusing.
    That's a good point, maybe some skills for classes (or entire classes) would have to be restricted within certain minigames. Anything with a spam-able freeze ability would be incredibly overpowered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaen View Post
    Don't force players to PvP unless they want to.
    I'm guessing there will be PvP mastery rewards which to me is just about the same thing.

    As I've said in another thread, snowball fights would make great PvP.
    I also think 2-man boat/glider combat (one to steer, one to shoot) would be fun.

    How about a variation on the colliseum idea with Tower Defence/MOBA (non-PvP) gameplay where two teams summon creeps, bosses and shadow giants to attack the enemy team's towers?

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    imo if there are rewards involved, they shouldn't be tradable

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    Coliseum sounds rlly good and it seems its easy to do since its just takeing an SA and adding in endless
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    Bump for justice

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    El Bumpito

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    I like the free for all idea

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