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Thread: Let's Talk Minigames

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    Lightbulb Let's Talk Minigames

    Firstly I'd like to say that I generally don't watch live streams so if any of this has been touched on by a developer I'm going to be unaware. But I've searched through the forum for topics about this and mini-games aren't really being talked about. RastaCanada had a nice thread but I'd like to iterate my own points as a new thread.

    Secondly, I'll be drawing a lot of parallels between this game and other games with thriving PvP (Player versus Player) and PvM (Player versus Monster) mini-games, one of these being RunesScape. I hope Trove can gracefully adopt mini-games and make them fun yet not a hassle, thus why I'm looking at the failures and successes of other games I've played.

    So! I'm nearing mastery 120 and I've honestly run out of fun things to do. I've experienced everything I've wanted to, really. I know the game is "new" and hasn't even been released yet, but that doesn't mean I can't try to point Trove in a new direction! The single-player game is strong already, and with the recent confirmation that PvP is in the works I believe mini-games would be a healthy addition. So with my reasoning and babbling out of the way, I'll get straight to the point.

    I understand that a lot of people feel that PvP would bring a negative crowd to Trove. There are a select few that cannot handle losing and talk smack. However I believe PvP can bring in a lot of new players and entice other players like myself with new content, so there is a trade off.

    There ARE minigames that can be made that do NOT require PvP - don't disregard the idea of mini-games because you don't want PvP in Trove!

    Limited Edition
    You can strongly consider Shadow Arenas to be a PvM mini-game. However there is something I hope to avoid with all mini-games that's already happening to Shadow Arenas: staleness. Players who have all the Shadow Arena rewards don't have a real reason to play it anymore beyond personal enjoyment, and that's likely because it's the only true mini-game right now. Because of this, I suggest that mini-games should not be available 24/7 - they should be available for a month or two and then take a break to return some months later, similar to seasonal pinatas, just not such large gaps in time.

    Mini-games can offer a whole slew of neat stuff only available through participation. There can (and should) be themed costumes, mounts, allies, and other bonuses. The games could reward either badge points or a currency like Shadow Arena shards - I prefer badge points because I believe people shouldn't be able to purchase these rewards from others.

    To Gear or Not To Gear?
    Mini-games should be available to all, not just maxed players. Most mini-games need to supply the same gear to all players to ensure fairness. Some games, like deathmatch, can allow players to bring whatever gear they want that they own. Supplied Gear vs Personal Gear is dependent upon the mini-game. For most situations, anything that not all players have (classes) will be "unlocked" solely within the mini-game for them to use.

    Item limitations may need to be applied as well. Some things like the invincibility flask-effect could be too powerful and need a restriction.

    The Games!
    There are hundreds of possible minigames, but these are just my favorites.

    Capture the Flag (PvP) - If you've played Castle Wars in RuneScape you know where I'm going with this.
    Players will be sorted randomly onto two teams. The map is a moderately-sized, square enclosed area with a team base on opposite sides. The goal is to leave your base, cross the map, infiltrate the enemy base, grab the flag, cross the map again, and deposit the flag at home base for a point. If you die you spawn back inside your base. Players with the flag get marked with an aura and a mini-map icon. Most points wins!

    Coliseum (PvM) - Think Shadow Arena that only ends when you die. Team-based or single-player, Coliseum will test your ability to survive wave after wave of enemies. Theonly flasks you get are the ones you start with! Think you can survive an army of mushroom men? How about a handful of sky giants? Did somebody say twenty Magma Lords? Your success is based off the skills and choices of you and your team - choose wisely!

    I'm going to leave it at those two for now. I've got many more, but I'd like to just let these ideas stew in the minds of the players (and developers wink wink nudge nudge) to see what the feedback is. If YOU have any mini-game ideas, post them, and I might post it up here on the OP.

    Lastly, I'll reiterate. I know PvP has a stigma within the forums, but don't throw away the idea of mini-games solely because you hate PvP. The possibility for PvM mini-games is very real (and already present through Shadow Arenas) and easy to implement. However, even though the developers said PvP will be coming to Trove, you can still voice your opinions against it here if you wish.

    Bring on the comments!

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    Capture the Flag-

    Years ago when I played minecraft, I loved CTF. I also love it on TF2 and it is generally awesome, though minecraft became dead because of young players that were about 10 years old, as they swore all the time and were nasty to play with (that is why I quit minecraft). I would really like to see a similar thing in trove and since I am nearly mastery 100, I am getting slightly bored and am frequently depending on updates for new content to entice me. CTF would be really awesome, and it would be lovely for club vs club and team vs team competitions, and would be a general source of constant enjoyment. I would definitely play this.


    When I did play minecraft there was a server I loved, owned by a guy named Hamnils5 (or something like that).
    It had a really awesome mob arena, which I loved as it was fun and rewarding. I think a trove arena would have to be similar- waves of enemies, getting tougher, boss every 10 rounds and mini-boss/special wave every 5 rounds. Also each round could drop items and gear and ore and materials and boxes etc. and for fairness everyone would start with the same stats and upgrade with a point system or something. Would be awesome without rewards anyway

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    I would like to see those minigames like CTF, Factions, Siege etc. in Trove,

    and open world pvp of course.

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    No to open world PvP unless it's a different portal. Don't force players to PvP unless they want to.
    What's this RL? Is there a portal for it?

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    Personally... i love your minigames. NOTHING to add :3
    IF there could be DeathMatch or TDM (i love this game type in all games, even if i know there's better players than me i love to try, try, try, TRY to kill them )
    i would love it BUT pls no rewards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaen View Post
    No to open world PvP unless it's a different portal. Don't force players to PvP unless they want to.
    It was my idea that PvP, if included, would have a zone restriction. In the case of these mini-games, you would have to enter through a portal (likely found in the Hub) to participate.

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    Club Penguin meets Runescape minigames is what i'm thinking...

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    Canada, eh
    The coliseum game would be cool with rewards like Hearthstones Arena mode. Where you get better rewards for the longer you survive.

    Actually, now that im thinking about it, that would be an excellent way to earn a dragon.
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    I would check out a CTF if it was put in. Loved TF2. Sadly we don't have snipers that can headshot, engineers with permanent turrets or spies that can backstab, so I would be a little lost. But using the neon ninja to to root the flag carrier would be amusing.

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    Like i said in the pvp thread you need to allow pvp withon club worlds

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