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Thread: A feasible idea to help make the gem system more fun and more fair.

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    A feasible idea to help make the gem system more fun and more fair.

    While I do like the overall gems and post MOP gameplay, there are aspects of the gem system that makes some of the grind unenjoyable.

    Why? Because there is an insane ton of grind for gems with usable stats that you want. If you upgrade one gem only to find out that you have a 'better' gem, then you have wasted loads of time, resources, and overall effort. Let's face it. It is no trivial matter to get a stellar gem from level 1 all the way to max level.

    What could help this out?
    Add a new item, that I call Gem Power Crystal.

    What would it be?
    A non-tradable consumable item that you can apply to any gem that you have.

    Where would I get it and how much would it cost?
    At the shop, and it would cost X cubits each. (I call it X because it should not be impossible nor plentiful to obtain).

    What would it do?
    Each Gem Power Crystal used will slightly increase the power numbers on a random gem stat. It would take one existing random stat for any gem, and provide a slight boost in the power level (with the max power level based and capped on the gem level and gem rarity).

    How would it work?
    Starting off at gem level 1? It will push its power level up to what a level 1 gem can be at best. Same with any level gem. Is your gem already level 25? Push that gem to the max stat value that a level 25 gem of its rarity can be!

    Now, regardless of a one, two, or three stat gem drop (empowered or lesser)... As long as you can get the stats that you desire on a gem, you will be able to maximize it for what the gem can be.

    This will help alleviate the frustration of getting a crappy one or two stat gem that yields three stats you desire. It is difficult to get three stats a players wants on a gem at level 1. When you do get a three good stat gem at level 1, typically the power ranking is pretty low. This would simply boost the power levels to make any gem as powerful as a three stat gem drop.

    Where is the fun in this? Isn't it too op?
    Not really. The amount of time it takes a player to earn a gem with three stats they want, and then upgrade it to max (for each class) means there is still a ton of grind. Add in how empowered gems work, and we still will be grinding for a very long time. However, players could now progress their power levels with stats that actually work for players. The number of players who have high power levels, but horrible stats are plenty. This would help all players clear dungeons and shadow towers better.

    Who would oppose a change like this?
    Players who have farmed insane amounts of hours for a perfect gem (or those who got 'lucky'), those who win top class contests weekly. Also people who love endless grind that only want RNG to determine who can climb the power ranking system. These are the only players that I can think of that would oppose an item like this.

    Who should be for adding an item like this into the game?
    Any player who likes to grind the game and still likes the challenge, without wasting flux and resources, and who also want to climb the power ranking system with better stats than health regen.

    I would like all thoughts, constructive comments, what you think I got correct, and what I got wrong. Even how this idea could be better.
    While it may never become a reality, I thought that this was a good solution to gem issues players face.

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    Might work

    I think something like this could work, but having it cost for cubits would be the end of the ranking system. Lots of end game players have stocked over 50k cubits and they would all be able to reach over 22k power rank overnight.

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    Oh, a meaningful Cubit sink?
    Well, whatever fixes the RNG behind small gems is fine for me. (keyword: "fixes")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azzuron View Post
    but having it cost for cubits would be the end of the ranking system.....over 22k power rank overnight.
    If it was moved to a score based contest system (which would move it to a score based system everyone can work towards, just like dragonite) instead of a RNG based system for gem drops, then it would stay pretty fair overall, right?
    Classes can be earned now in game, so there is no reason players cannot obtain every class. To get every class to level 30, and 21k power, still takes an incredibly long time.

    Quote Originally Posted by KoBeWi View Post
    Oh, a meaningful Cubit sink?
    Well, whatever fixes the RNG behind small gems is fine for me. (keyword: "fixes")
    Yup, a cubit sink, would help fix not only lesser gems, it would also help empowered gems that roll a one or two stat that you end up getting three stats that you want.

    Of course, this would mean allowing a slight bypass one of the many layers of gem RNG, but in a slow way to have players earn meaningful and useful power and stats that actually help them.
    It still keeps a timegate up of requiring cubits to help.

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