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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitkatsune View Post
    18 months is a long time to play a game. I've only been playing Trove for 20 days, and I plan to play it for maybe 12 months total.

    Leave if you want but I feel like it is a complete game as far as the RPG content goes and is fun indefinitely in moderation.

    Also the full release isn't till it hits Steam and I'm sure Steam players will be glad to get 18 months out of the game. If you know how fickle and entitled steam community is, they are changing games on a monthly or less basis.

    The part that will keep me playing is the block building/sandbox. I don't think they need to expand or enhance the endgame too much more, maybe some polish here and there. But I like my grinds to come to an end at some point, infinite gear progression isn't fun in the least. This isn't WoW or Rift where they just release tier after tier where raids are the content. Endgame needs to have an end
    When you have played for more than 3 months, you will see that the game is EXTREMELY boring. I've played since release and have everything done. Not fun

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    Played since alpha, still have a great time playing. But I love games where I can shut off the mind and run around like an idiot and kill everything, it's fun to me.
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    There are plenty of things to do if you're a new player, if you want lots of things to do as a veteran then expect to pay $50 for an expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikabella View Post
    My daily life on trove has become logging on, doing my daily and then jumping around doing nothing because the thought of more grinding makes me contemplate just jumping off a roof. I only really get on now to talk to friends, i see trove "endgame" as I have almost everything i can get at this point too, so i dont really have much to do. And the new dragons? More grinding
    I haven't even done almost everything (only real goal still is to hit 100 Mastery which I'm pretty close to doing) because I don't want to go through the mindless grind just to get arbitrarily better stats for artificially increased difficulties. That at the end of the day is just the same stuff I've been doing since I started playing Trove in October.

    Dragons just made things worse because now you're required to be on at a specific time of the hour just to get a CHANCE at upgrading your dragon. I really find it funny how they removed the RNG elements of the gear grind only to add in another RNG grind right after that.

    It really feels like all the devs know how to do is add RNG grinds and increase the numbers on mobs in order to fluff up the content to make it feel like there's more to it than there really is.

    I mean Trove is occasionally fun to come back to off and on when new stuff is in... but all that happens is I eventually realize that there isn't anything truly new beyond distractions from the primary content and I quickly grow burned out from the grinding.
    I miss the old Trion.

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    Calm down, man! The final purpose of playing games is enjoying. If the game can't entertain you anymore, leave it. Go to top1apk and find some interesting games. Of course, all developers want players stick to their games as long as possible. But, if they don't change anything, it means they don't pay enough attention to their audience. So, choose to stay orr not if your choice. No need to take it seriously like that,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooru View Post
    When you have played for more than 3 months, you will see that the game is EXTREMELY boring. I've played since release and have everything done. Not fun
    How can you play a game for 2years + an say not fun???
    You legitly just played a FREE GAME for longer than other games life span.. give feed back not just complaints, maybe some ideas to help push trove forward an improve the game.. nah complain that you played a game for 2+ years an it's boring now that you have finished.. k..

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    The last post was in 2015, so I'm going to go ahead and shut this thing down.

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