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Thread: [Costumes] Creatures of the Night (Owl Trickster)

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    [Costumes] Creatures of the Night (Owl Trickster)

    -- Creatures of the Night --
    These costumes will keep you up at night!

    All costume replace the Starter Fae Costume

    I've had the modding itch to make some owl related content for a while, I was just never sure how I'd display it. Then, it suddenly hit me. Fae Trickster has fairy wings, so why not make them into an owl? The costumes worked out great, though the hardest part was the tail.

    I've made two natural colored owl models, the Great Horned Owl and Snowy Owl, but then I added in the sort of mysterious fairy Nocturne Owl of my own fantasy creation. It only made sense to me to do this because I didn't want to lose the magical inherit fae feeling to the set.

    Obviously, they aren't quite finished; I haven't gotten to making the effects, but I thought they were finished enough to share with you guys!

    As always, feel free to leave suggestions/ideas/additions/subtractions/etc.


    To Do:

    1.) Do effects for Great Horned Owl, Snowy Owl, and Nocturne Owl
    2.) Make matching staves?



    In the lands of the Fae, there is a particularly mysterious wood darkened by the shade of massive trees. The air is thick and misty; the smothering violet branches let little light in except for the bone white of the moon. Faes who have embraced the night gather here, taking the form of wide eyed, feathered creatures who hunt by moonlight. Though it may be dark, their eyes are keen, glowing like fireflies in the blackness. Their villages hang high amoungst the motherly trees, constructed of braided vines, gathered branches, and illuminescent fungus.



    *NEW* Effects Video for Great Horned Owl

    *NEW* Effects Video for Nocturne Owl


    Great Horned Owl

    Nocturne Owl
    (Thanks to Milambit for the awesome Wings of Lunacy)

    Snowy Owl

    *NEW* Effects for Great Horned Owl

    *NEW* Effects for Nocturne Owl


    How to use the Creatures of the Night:

    1.Download the Trove modloader 1.0.1 here
    2.Download my mod above
    3.Launch modloader
    4.Click add mod and add the zipfolder
    5.Click start
    6.Run trove
    7.Have fun!



    Great Horned Owl Costume (Starter Fae Costume Mod)

    Changelog 6-10-15: Effects have been added! Lots of feathers, stars, and some moons. Might be changing colors a little in the future.

    Nocturne Owl Costume (Starter Fae Costume Mod)

    Changelog 6-11-15: Effects have been added! Lovely purples, blue, and greens with moons, feathers and stars. Colors are whimsical!

    Snowy Owl Costume (Starter Fae Costume Mod)


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    Wow Sushi this is great! All of them gives off this really eerie vibe ><
    My favorite is the great horned owl, the eyes really blends well with the brown.

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    #Hype cool i like it

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    I downloaded the Nocturne Owl and I'm going to unpack it, copy the files and make a version for every single fae costume, then repack 'em all together on one .zip file. Just because I want every single fae to be a owl. (Seriously, I'm going to do that.)

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    Fuarrrr nocturne owl is so epic! +1
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    These are amazing Sushi. I like the snowy owl the most, all are looking great though

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    Awesome costume.

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    Great sushi i always see your utube video of a mod go up before the post so i was anticipating this gj

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    These are so elegantly designed! Well done! Another great creation.
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    My goodness these are Creepy, my favorite is the Nocturnal one because of the yellow and black contrast, They all look brilliant! +1
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    I still think it looks like you are hoarding glowing bananas

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