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Thread: Class Ideas

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    Name: Chloromancer (Reworked Ultimate)

    Ultimate: Sunflower: You create a flower that replenishes allied potions (like the Rejuvenation Station) and attacks your enemies, causing 800% MD per shoot. Dur - 10 s., CD - 50 s.

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    Sword Singer Class

    A formidable master of both the Arcane and Martial arts, hums their song of battle with a trio of blades spiraling around their body, holding onto orbs of mystical energy in either hand.

    (Melee Hybrid - Physical Attacker)
    Radiant Ruins Biome Theme

    Dash/Dodge Animation - The Sword Singer flies forward and twirls with his blades tunneling around him/her. Do the Sheev spin.

    Basic M1 (Swish and Sweep) Attack - The Sword Singer, sways their arms, as if conducting an orchestra, sending his flying blades, swinging into patterns of slashes to decimate foes at a wide angle of attack and with surprising range.

    M2 Attack (Lunge) - The Sword Singer pushes his arms in the general direction and his blades fly towards that area or target, travelling some distance before immediately returning. (Consumes Energy)

    Aggressive - The Sword Singer's Blades not only fly towards their target but also leave behind shadows of their selves for 30 seconds, which attack and distract their target for increased damage per second. (Consumes Energy)

    Defensive - The Sword Singer's Blades now circle around him, with their tips pointed downwards in a protective encirclement of their user. When Struck, the blades absorb 90% of incoming damage and stagger targets, targets that are staggered are interrupted from attacking and have a chance of taking extra damage when hit. (Consumes Energy)

    1 Ability (Stance) - The Sword Singer raises his arms momentarily as he switches his blades stance between, Aggressive, Defensive and Neutral which is his default stance. Aggressive has the blades point horizontally as they orbit and causes them to emit a sinister red as well as the orbs in the orbs within the Singer's hands. Defensive does relatively the same, however the aura is blue and the blades circle with the flat of their blades providing a wall of steel around their wielder, though this is aesthetic purely.
    Switching stances changes the Lunge/M2 Attack and Blade rush/2 ability. (Does not consume energy)

    2 Ability (Blade Rush) - The Sword singer opens his arms out before his enemies, before more blades appear before him, allowing him to throw blades whenever he attacks and keep a spiraling tornado of swords around him.

    Aggressive - Following the same action, blades begin falling from the sky, hitting all nearby targets repeatedly for large amounts of damage until the ability ends after 15 seconds, attack speed is also increased by 50% during this. (Consumes Energy)

    Defensive - This action now causes a snowball of blades to roll and form around the Sword Singer, protecting him from all damage temporarily whilst being attacked, the more damage the swords absorb, the better as it charges a powerful explosion which only grows with more damage. After the 10 seconds of charging are up, the sphere of blades suddenly all point outwards and explode outwards, sending blades in all directions, dealing damage which is more dependent on how much it absorbs, knocking back un-slain foes and stun locking them. (Consumes Energy)

    Passive (Combat Tempo) - The more enemies that the Sword Singer is faced with, the faster he attacks and moves. This multiplier stacks every 2 enemies, making him perfect crowd control material. 2 Enemies = +5% Attack speed +10 Movement Speed and so on... Caps at 6 stacks.

    Subclass - Stunned/Snared Enemies take bonus damage when hit.
    +2% Critical Chance

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    Im guesing you mean a direct upgrade of the knight witch is paladin. Lots of mmo rpgs have them and there optain majorly after upgrading your knight and a healing class in trove cloro to max level. Its like a hybrid of the two classes witch heals allies anxld gives them buff like damage redjction and damage increases. Also there pure tank.

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