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Thread: Class Ideas

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    Post Class Ideas

    Please feel free to post your class ideas in this thread, be it completely new classes or updates to previous classes.

    Every MMO i've played has that class who is a champion of the light, smiting evil with his holy power. With that being said, my idea for a new class is the Gilded Champion. Although human on the inside, the Gilded Champion is enveloped by holy light with which he can use to destroy enemies and mend allies. Paired with his righteous shield, the Gilded Champion is a force to be reckoned with.

    Passive: Using abilities causes the Gilded Champion's holy fervor to charge. Once full, the Champion's next basic attack will deal 8% of the target's max hp as magic damage and heal surrounding allies for 50% of the damage dealt.

    M2: Shield of Reckoning: The Gilded champion tosses his shield at an enemy. If the enemy is alone it will take damage and be stunned. If there is more than one enemy around the initial impact of the shield, the shield bounces between enemies, slowing them and causing damage. The more enemies the shield hits, the more holy fervor is generated. The shield cannot hit an enemy more than once and the shield can only bounce a max of 5 times.

    Ability 1: Leap of Righteousness: The Gilded Champion leaps toward an area. Upon landing enemies are dealt flat damage, and an aura of light envelopes the ground. While in the area enemies are slowed by 20% and have 2% of their max health taken every second they stand in the light. The more damage enemies take from the aura, the faster the Champion's Holy Fervor Charges.

    Ultimate: Final Judgement: The Gilded Champion calls down divine intervention at a target location. After 2 seconds holy lightning strikes the area damaging enemies for a flat amount plus a percentage of their missing health. Allies struck by the lightning are healed for a percentage of their missing health.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to add comments regarding any changes that would make my idea more viable.

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    What I want is a Necromancer-like class. So far, it seems like every enemy-filled biome has a corresponding class EXCEPT for the Cursed Vale.
    Knight - Medieval Highlands
    Gunslinger - Cyberian Tundra
    Fae Trickster - Fae Wilds
    Dracolyte - Dragonfire Peaks
    Neon Ninja - Neon City
    Candy Barbarian - Candystopia
    ??? - Cursed Vale

    It just ticks off my OCD side that there is no class for that biome. I would like to see a dark-summoner class.

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    Gunslinger would go more with the desert frontier im thinking, so we would still need a class for the tundra too.
    Funny thing is i made a suggestion post about a necromancer. : )

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    If Cursed Vale, I'd love to see a Poison-like class that deals AoE DoT damage.. I think that would be neat.

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    I like the gilded champion idea but that ability combo sounds like it would be pretty op dealing two different forms of % max hp damage.

    I posted this in another thread but I'll add it here too!

    Magik Reaper

    Passive: Damage is split between HP and Energy, % can be determined based on what would be balanced. The trade off here is the M2 and 1 abilities will cost HP instead of Energy, cost also to be determined.

    M2: Absorb - When you use this ability you gain a bubble for a small period of time, if an attack lands during the duration you absorb the attack taking a % of the damage and gaining an Absorb charge (like Neon Ninja's shuriken charges can stack up to 3). Each stack of Absorb gives you a boost in damage and health regen. Costs HP instead of Energy to use. Only absorbs 1 attack before it dissipates.

    Ability1: Shade Runner - short distance travel attack, I was thinking the Reaper could disappear into a shadow on the ground and charge forward. For every stack of Absorb the reaper has he will place a Marked charge on every enemy he passes through with Shade Runner, if and when the Reaper absorbs an attack from a marketed target they will explode dealing a flat amount of damage magnified by the number of mark charges said enemy has. Landing this attack will wipe the Reapers current Absorb counter. Costs Hp instead of Energy

    Ultimate: Reap: The reaper loses control and begins to absorb the life force of everything around him, PBAoE hp absorb. I don't know how set Trion is on CD based ults, but I was thinking this would be a toggle requiring a ton of energy per second... even with maxed out energy regen you wouldn't sustain it long. Just a means to sustain the HP cost of abilities and splitting damage between energy and hp.

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    Alright, this is my first post on this site, but I'm going to make it a good one.
    Here we go!

    Class: Demolitionist (the name is not decided, although I kinda like Akimbomb, mixing akimbo and bomb)

    Weapon: Gun

    Fighting Style: Ranged

    Basic Attack: A bolt of light, just like the Gunslinger. However, it's attack speed somewhere in between the attack speed of the Gunslinger and the attack speed of the Pirate Captain.

    Passive (Demo-Meter?): While dealing damage, the "Akimbomb's" demo-meter (heh heh) fills up (similar to the Lunar Lancer <3). Once this bar fills up (the bar is visible above the character's head), an explosion happens FROM the character with a radius of six blocks, stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds and dealing AOE damage based on magic damage.

    1st Ability (Sticky-Bomb!): The character throws a small, timed sticky-bomb into the chaos, sticking to any surface. This bomb does damage based on amount of health when used, making it useful to place before the battle begins. The sticky-bomb has a timer that lasts 4 seconds. This attack has a 5 second cool-down, and takes a medium amount of energy.

    2nd Ability (Target Locked): The "Akimbomb" shoots a large missile from his gun, which targets a nearby enemy. The missile has a max time of 10 seconds, and if it has not hit something in that amount of time, it explodes by itself. This missile does AOE damage based on magic damage after it has blown up. It takes a good amount of energy to use, and also has a 8 second cool-down.

    Ultimate (I have no ideas): The character's attack speed increases by 65%, it's magic damage increases by 65% (I can't remember how magic damage increases work, sorry if that's wrong) and it's bullets transform into rockets, dealing AOE damage when landing. This takes a significant amount of energy, while also having a cool-down of 12 whole seconds! (Also, the rockets are not tracking rockets; just your average, explosive, deadly rockets.)

    I don't feel like describing his stats with numbers, so I'm just gonna use words. The scale goes: Lowest, Low, Mid-Low, Medium, Mid-High, High, Highest.
    Health: Medium
    Energy: High
    Physical Damage: N/A
    Magic Damage: High
    Movement Speed: Mid-Low
    Attack Speed: Medium
    Health Regeneration: Medium
    Energy Regeneration: Low

    This character is obviously built around "clearing the lane," for all you Smite players out there (I'm NOT one, but I know the term), and for those of you who aren't forced to watch you friends play Smite, this means that this character deals a okay amount of damage to a large area, effectively killing as many enemies as possible. This character would be OP with Starlight Dragonling, Vampiric Vial, Arcane Emblem, and Chronomatic Emblem. Now, I tried to balance him out with the cool-downs and energy, and also with his stats, but I don't know how well I did. Let me know what you think. I spent a while on this guy: I'm pretty proud of him.

    Also, my in-game name is the same as this account: Emeralton. If you want to play sometime, shoot me a message.
    I'M LONELY!!!
    Thank you guys so much!

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    i had an idea aswell, the class is called equinox.
    it is supposed to be like an agile support/dps class.
    i imagine him to look a Little bit like ori from ori and the blind forest, but wearing black pants and wielding a spear.

    his abilities
    slash(LMB): swings your spear in a wide slash

    agile(passive): enables you to wallrun and walljump and when you attack an enemy you regenerate some energy

    blink(RMB): instantly teleports to where you are looking and leaves a trail of energy from where you casted it and where you land, this trail siphons Health from enemies who touch it and gives it to nearby players.

    orbs of starlight(1): pressing 1 will spawn an orb (up tp 3 at once), when you deal damage, all Active orbs will seak a random enemy and collide with them, dealing 75% of the initial trigger and exploding into a aoe splash dealing 50% of te initial trigger

    glyph of wisdom(ultimate): spawns an aura on the ground. all enemies entering this aura will be damage and slowed, the longer the enemies stay in this aura, the more they will be slowed. allies who enter this aura will get a damage boost and a Health regen boost, the longer allies stay in the aura the more damage they will do.
    the more damage done by allies who stand in the aura/by the aura the longer it will stay upp.

    so, what do you guys Think?

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    The dead has risen

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    wow I remember this back in the days were the cyberian tundra existed and there was no ice sage or above classes.
    My Rat I like Toasters when butterflys and finding is cool

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    An Idea for a new class would be something like a water melee that would most likely be called Wave Warrior (wishing that it would have more ATK speed than candy barb). dual sworded. The items would use Magic Damage even though it is a warrior. Moves would be
    Rightclick = teleports to where your cursor is, (as far as the fae trickster can do) and water would show under where your teleporting (like a puddle that follows while your teleporting.) If any enemy hits this puddle of water they get slowed.
    1 = throws 3 orbs of water that doe AOE (able to hold the orbs. Most likely they would float above your head.) and also able to connect to one huge water orb and make it more powerful and also larger AOE. Both would slow the enemy.
    2 = leaping attack that can be used to get away from enemies and also used for DMG (also AOE) You would leap like how you would aim a bomb. After deciding where it would be you would throw up your two swords and in midair you grab the swords and stab the ground. Once they hit the ground a circle of waves would surround you and they would spread out (not that far because if it went far it would be op.) It would damage any enemy that was in the area of effect. (kind of like a poison effect just weak.) The closer the enemy is to you when you use this move would do more damage. aka farther = lower damage closer = more damage.
    Another class I believe should be considered is the Shadow Assassin. It would be like Shadow Hunter but would use dual daggers (really want a class with dual daggers) and the stat most items would have would be ATK SPEED and ATK this class would have low HP. I've wanted this class for a while now because having a shadow assassin would be a fun character to play. The moves I would want it to have would be
    Rightclick = a trap kind of like shadow hunter. DMG only, not AOE just 1 enemy. (to make sure it doesn't become op.)
    1 = throws daggers at enemy or object and, like the lunar lancer brings you toward the daggers.
    2 = Turns into a shadow form of you, being able to run quick, an ATK speed and ATK increase and no enemy would be able able to detect you for that period of time. If you click 2 again you're able to send out a burst of black (for shadow). This removes your 2 ability (until cooldown is done of course), but deals a fine amount of DMG

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