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    Post Windows 10 - Our Current Status!

    As of today (July 27), and barring any last-minute changes made by Microsoft, ALL Trion games are ready for Windows 10 release.

    If you have any issues after Win 10 is released, please contact our tech support team! https://support.trionworlds.com

    Game on!

    Hello all!

    Windows 10 is just around the corner – beta versions are already in use by several people. Trion is working hard on making sure that our games support Windows 10, just as quickly as we possibly can. Your continued posts and feedback have been extremely helpful to date, and we hope that those of you on Win10 already will continue to help us help everyone!

    Since Windows 10 still in beta, it is being updated frequently. This makes it a moving target for us – the compatibility fixes we make from one Win10 update to the next don’t always stick as a result.
    In the meantime, if something is under the “in progress” header, it means it may or may not work based on Microsoft’s latest update. We expect this to settle down as Microsoft gets closer to the formal, stable release.

    Here is our current status as of June 4, 2015 – we will continue to update it as things change!

    RIFT - Expected later in June
    DEFIANCE - Expected later in June
    TROVE - Evaluation testing in progress
    ARCHEAGE - Under evaluation

    GLYPH CLIENT - Working, some graphical issues noted
    GLYPH ACCOUNT WEBSITES Working, some graphical issues noted

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    Senior Member Ampitere's Avatar
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    Good to hear that support is coming in soon, will we be seeing support for Ubuntu, Linux, and other 3rd party OS in the future as well?

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    I have been running Trove and Glyph in Windows 10 for almost 2 months now without any problems. I am using an Nvidia card but do not use the official Windows 10 drivers as they are a cause of many game issue's but I actually use the latest Windows 8.1 driver which works perfectly fine in Windows 10.

    The only issue's I have encountered with the game are either region related or issue's that other people who do not use Windows 10 are having.

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    I'm using Trove with win10 too, using the default Windows driver, and working fine, bit faster than in win8.1

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    Will we also be able to run trove on DX12? or is that something for later?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insaint View Post
    Will we also be able to run trove on DX12? or is that something for later?
    I can't imagine once they get the game optimized for DirectX 9 they won't start working on 12.

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    i am running Trove since half an year under windows 10, without any problems.
    since last update Rift is running fine too

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    I've been using trove on win10 since the first technical preview with no issues at all.

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    When I try to launch glyph it makes the tab then when I click the tab it doesn't let me. I refreshed my wifi and pc . I uninstalled it and everything help. (btw I have windows 8)

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