Hey Everyone,

The name of the clan Messorem is Latin for "Reaper" for anyone wondering if there was a meaning behind the name. I've only been recruiting in-game, but currently I'm in need of some builders for the world. Since my club is growing in people and not in world creation.

It's a pretty tight-knit club, but if you're interested in building just leave your IGN and hopefully I'll get to you in-game.

Also what you like to do in the game.

Gathering (just farming materials)
Dungeon Dive (Speed Running)
Power Level other Club Members
Shadow Arenas (Usually just have a small group of people that go through 10 times)
Dungeon Diving Raids. (Big Speed Running)

IGN: shadowdemonx9
TZ(Time-Zone): EST
Role: Jack of All Trades (trying to do everything)

Hope to see some of you in-game. I'm pretty much always on. (Or try to be)

How to reach me:
You can PM me on the forum
Whisper me in-game

Basically easiest way to get to me if I haven't gotten back to you.

Also have a Public Teamspeak I chill at for you to reach me faster:
Teamspeak Address: ts.endlessdreams.net