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Thread: How do you price shadow items?

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    How do you price shadow items?

    Im quite new to this game and i got two shadow items, how do you price them?
    i got:

    Erattic Writhers
    • 802 Maximum Health
    • 2 Movement Speed
    • 12 Lasermancy

    Lumin Lotus
    Forged [5]
    • 475 Magic Damage
    • 409 Health Regeneration
    • 53 Energy Regeneration*

    and i also got resplendent items, are they worth something?

    Thanks c:

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    Senior Member LippyLapras's Avatar
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    Shadow items are generally worth something depending on the amount of stars. Tomorrow the way shadow items are priced will be dramatically changed. So right now you can't really price them.

    But generally, the only shadows that are ever bought are either for rare styles or for 5-8 star items.
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    But are mine worth something? because i bought the Lumin Lotus so i can be sure that i can resell it with a higher price

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    Anything below 4* is generally just bought for the stlye.

    The items you listed are around 200-300 flux, you won't get a higher price unless someone's desperate.

    Same deal with resplendents, around 100-200, some rare resplendents are about the same price as shadows.

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    oh thankss at least i bought it with a lower price

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    Prepare for a sh*t storm in the shadow market department

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    im really confused with the pricing :c

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    Will the amount of stars change if i forge it?

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    No increasing the forge level will not add stars... stars are gained at random wother eyes from the chaos forge but i believe thats changing with the update in a few hours
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    Unless its 6* or higher (3 stats with 2* each), you weren't going to get anything for it other than 300f for the style unlock.
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