Hello Trovians!

I think having some general troubleshooting info in one place will be pretty helpful, so please read this over if you're having any technical trouble:

Glyph Doesn't Launch
Frame Rate / Performance
  • For anyone having trouble with frame rates (FPS), or game performance. These steps usually do wonders, especially updating graphics drivers.


Glyph Error Codes - 1000 Range

These errors generally indicate an error with Glyph, or some file/patch corruption issues.

Glyph Error Codes - 2000 Range

Error codes in the 2000 range, on the other hand, tend to be network related issues that cause a problem between your home network, and our servers.

Glyph Error - 2016 or 2025
This is sometimes a security permissions issue. Add the full Glyph folder as an Exception to any antivirus or firewall program you use.

In some cases, if you enter an incorrect password repeatedly, your IP address may become blocked. If you're seeing an error 2016, and the above step doesn't work, please do the following:
  • Search the term IP in Google

Cannot connect to lobby server
When unable to connect to lobby servers, check server status, as we may be doing maintenance, or rolling out an update.

If you have any other trouble, post here in the tech forums, reach out to customer service directly by emailing support@trovegame.com, or submit a ticket.

Thanks everyone!