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    Lightbulb NEW STORY PORTALS, MOBS, AND MORE! (Ideas)

    TROVE'S STORY (as we know as of now):

    Long ago, there was 2 goddesses. The Sun Goddess and the Moon Goddess. The Sun Goddess had her realm within the Radiant Runes. For some reason the Moon Goddess (for whom was served by the Neon Ninjas) decided to not only betray her followers of the Ninjas but also the Sun Goddess and unleash the Evil upon the Primal Realm and force the Sun Goddess's knights against her. With this taking action, the Sun Goddess sacrificed herself in order to protect what good was left and to spread her power through out the Radiant & Primal Realms. So with that happening, we "Trovians" must collect and gain what power she has left behind for us to push back what Evil lurks both Primal and Radiant Realms (as of now. hopefully a "Moon" realm will be added).


    So of course everyone knows that we have:
    - Green Portal
    - Blue Portal
    - Purple Portal
    - Orange Portal
    - and Ubers 1-5
    - along with the Sky/Radiant Realm

    So with that being said, maybe we could have "Lore Portals". These Portals will go in sync with the same difficulty as the normal portals. So green would act as "Chapter: 1" Blue would act as "Chapter 2" and so forth. What would also be added for these portal would be a party system. So each chapter can only hold 4 players.
    Also each story chapter needs to have LEGIT builds from the devs to match the feeling and
    vibe for each chapter. As in having set paths in an open world and not having it ALL incaved in a building or something. You guys can look at video games and get what im saying lol.


    So although we can explore with our friends, its hard to see when they are in need to back one another up. So... no need to fear! the party system is here
    The way It could work is by having a max of 4 players in a party. All it would need to show is their name, level, and hp. So like this:

    Lvl 36

    [ (HP) ]

    the command could maybe be:
    /pinvite [username]
    /paccept [username]
    a box pops up like a friends list

    then if u get spammed, you can block invites in settings or /pblock


    As we all know, Troves loot system is 100% random. There is no specific task as to getting a sword, face, hat, gun, or etc. But... with this idea, their may just be a way
    So what I was thinking was adding more NPC's like the parrot traders but they are more like quest givers. there will be one Quest giver for each chapter with Various challenges waiting to be accepted. By doing these challenges, they can range from easy to hard. Of course the harder ones will give u a chance to get a specific weapon skin or item that does specific stat boost like allies with addition of normal stats like any other weapon. I think that if this was added, this would give players more things to look forward towards and even bring more Trovians together to help one another get what ever item they so seek.


    Surely we all want and NEED A LOT more BOSSES! So right now we of course have our normal 1 - 3 star bosses but they are more or less reskins with the same attacks as other mobs. With Trove having such a unique playing style, Trove has a large area of doing better with not only new Mobs but also new Bosses. Example:

    In the Cursed Vale areas we could have:
    - The Summoner (dark skeleton who summon 2 more melee skeletons each time one dies if he isnt taken out first. The cool down for him summoning when one of his allies dies is maybe 3 seconds b/c we dont want a over load on mobs. Im sure the devs could work something out)
    - Zombies (Once killed they can break into 1 smaller version to try and kill you like in Diablo III)

    Treasure Isles:
    This isnt a mob but more or less a type lair/dungeon:
    - A moving ship with cannons that you must catch up to and aboard. Once all mobs and boss is slain, the boat stops for u to get your treasure chest and then disappears.

    etc etc

    Now onto the ideas for bosses. The dream hulk Boss is cool but he is more like "Keep hitting till he dies" type deal. Theres not an "Epic" way or Patter you must follow to not only defeat him but to also keep you and everyone else alive. So some ideas for NEW bosses for chapters and even Shadow Arenas/Dungeons is having new bioms for them like this:

    - Shadow or Flame Phoenix (desert biom) :
    Flies above in the sky and stops at platforms at which melee classes can jump to in order to attack the Phoneix. Of course if you are a ranged class you can just shoot at it. Once a certain amount of hits are dealt, the Phoenix falls to the ground and all players can do massive damage for a couple of seconds (so when it falls it means its tired of getting hit or its stunned more or less)

    - Swoop (players must roll out of the way or jump over it)
    - Fire balls (fast fire balls that players must dodge)
    - Battle Cry (summons a bunch of bats or air type enemies)
    - Wind Fury (Fans its wings to throw or summon tornadoes that players must dodge)

    While in Story portals you can revive but if faced in a Shadow Dungeon/Arena then you can not.
    So those are just some ideas that I wanted to spread with everyone. Hopefully you guys agree and also like the ideas Im really hoping that if enough players like these things that the developers will take these ideas and make something really cool out of it! Thanks you all for who ever read this ^~^


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    The "party" system should be automatically set up in shadow arenas with the people in it. No need in adventure mode, but could be nice in SA.

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    I'm loving all of your ideas and the lore u have good job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonjourtoutlemonde View Post
    The "party" system should be automatically set up in shadow arenas with the people in it. No need in adventure mode, but could be nice in SA.
    "No Need" but many want. A party system in adventure mode will be player-friendly to those who want to stick together. Otherwise, I can see people not using it for random groups.

    Personally If i got my friend to play with me, I would rather have a party system.

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    Thanks! I dont post anything at all but Im really liking the idea towards the Neon Ninja since he used to be my main and im so interested into the "Moon Goddes". Please spread the word so these can be spreaded and put out there to other players

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    yeah having a party system would be great D: please spread the word about this post

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