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Thread: Should start a Price check chat?

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    Should start a Price check chat?

    i know we can ask for prices in just the trade chat but some people dont like giving out prices or no one even response to the request or gets over ran with WTB and WTS and no one sees the request so i think there should be a PC chat were you can ask for prices and just for prices that way everyone can get there price when its requested

    What do you think??
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    hmm it could work... getting people to use it might be the hard part.. although a lot of people seem to use the sa chat and the skyrealms chat..
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    The issue is supply/demand. There isn't a set price for items in this game. There also isn't an official form of currency. I'm fine with having a chat dedicated to this but it relies on people actually helping and not trolling about prices.

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