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Thread: Thoughts on a Grand Exchange (Trading Center)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by benkuhnert View Post
    i can swear i heard somewhere that they might add a auction house at some point in the friday streams for trove but cant remember at this point
    i would love to see a GE type system +1support
    yup i read somewhere too that will be implemented a new way to trade an Auction House, but i cant find it now >.>

    found it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colgate View Post
    I agree with the Grand Exchange idea but making glim a main currency? No. First of all, you can get double the glim than what you put in on lures, then there is also running over grass with mounts that gives glim. You say trade chat unfair prices but making glim a main currency would only greatly, greatly, greatly increase how much you need to buy something.

    Edit; Plus glim doesn't have that many uses while as flux can be used to upgrade gear.
    Altho I agree with you that Glim being #1 Currency being a really bad idea,
    Glim actually has plenty more functions in game and once you've upgraded your gear, Flux all be it the main currency is relatively useless in a few minor cases like the professions (Once those are maxed you don't need again either)

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