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    Criticisms on the new UI, why it is good design | From a Graphic Design Perspective

    Before I begin, I want to make a couple things clear, including my own opinion. Here goes. I am a semi-pro graphic and web designer, I do mostly freelance work, I have a history in Color Theory and layout design, a lot to do with making a text readable and accessible, no unlike designing a UI.

    My personal opinion of the UI is this; Overall, its really good. The health & energy, the info the player needs readily accessible, is right below the Player-Model, where eyes will be focused during gameplay.

    Usability gripes; While the design is good, there is a balance to be maintained. First, size; the ui cannot be so large that it obstruct's the view of gameplay, or other UI elements. The New UI solved part of this by combining the HP and Energy orbs, and placing them in the center, also creating a much more accessible design. What it failed to do (I don't like saying "fail", there is never a failure in design, as there are always pos and neg aspects), what it failed to do is preserve the usability that the old UI possessed. Convenience and full view of the Chat were ensured with the sacrifice of easily readable quantity indicators, and easy to discern icons.

    Color Gripes; For the UI to become easier on the eyes, and easier to use, the health and energy orb colors need to stick out. This cannot be done with the current color scheme. The borders need to be changed. I would recommend the Blue/Green scheme utilized on Trove websites, not only because the warm colors on a cool background would be a lot more pleasing to the eye than the current colors, but also because a cohesive theme needs to be maintained for branding reasons. Someone should be able to look at the home page of the website(without screenshots), and then at a screenshot, and be able to immediately draw a connection. I'll draw up some concepts when I am back at the desktop tonight.

    Remedies: For a quick fix, a slightly larger text size, with a smaller stroke and larger body would help with readability. That would take care of a bit of concerns. Color should also be changed. That's a HUGE design decision, that seems to have not been thoroughly discussed during the creation of this new UI. If any of the UI devs are reading this, it'd be great to hear more from you

    note: any typographical errors are courtesy of the crappy laptop keyboard I am typing on. Let me know if you find one, and I'll get it fixed.

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    Whenever people critique designs and declare that they are graphic designers without anything to back it up, I always assume they won't know what they are talking about. When you toss in that credential, you should give examples of what makes you a trustworthy source. Otherwise, your opinion is the same as any random Joe, IMO.

    Anyway, I disagree with your analysis. Color isn't an issue. Position makes the health and energy stand out more than the color ever could. Also, the color scheme of a website and an active game interface don't have any reason to be the same. As for your points on usability, you don't really state what usability means to you. And then you offer "solutions" to problems that haven't really been fleshed out or proven to actually be problems.

    When looking at UX, you should focus less on specifics and more on what needs to be accomplished by the UI.

    Trove's action bar UI serves several purposes for the user:

    - Tells them if they need to heal (hp percentage)
    - Tells them if they can use an ability (energy & cooldown)
    - Tells them if they can heal (flask charges)
    - Tells them what abilities they can use (locked abilities for low level players)
    - Tells them what items are on their hotbar and how many of each they have
    - Tells them how close they are to reaching the next level (xp bar)
    - Tells them their current level and current HP value
    - Tells them what keybinds correspond to what skills/items

    And the build bar:

    - Tells them what they will be able to place when they select an item
    - Tells them what they can place right now and how many of each they have

    Changing the color likely won't improve any of these things. Changing the font size might help inform the player how many flasks they have or items on the hotbar, but that's not necessarily the best solution for readability, especially when the color behind the text is potentially unknown. And altering the stroke size will do what: make the action bar slightly smaller? That could make a difference for the usability of the chat box for people that still have issues, but it wouldn't improve the usability of the action bar.

    The suggestions you are making are all mostly aesthetic rather than having an actual impact on the usability of the action bar.

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    The way I look at it, the design is 100% okay. There are quirks though Font needs to be adjusted for easier visibility, and colors to distinguish the Orb. Other than that, I applaud the work by the team.

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    The new HUD looks a little cleaner since the one shown in the teaser. I notice the hub button is now gone which seems like a good idea as it was just a static icon apart from within the tutorial where it doesn't appear because you can't warp to the hub there. I would suggest adding the warp to hub command within the F1 information now it is gone from the HUD though.

    Regarding the new split orb design for the HP/energy, looking at it from an objective point of view I can see why this is better. These two stats are related so therefore it makes sense that they are now next to each other rather than being on the opposite sides of the screen. I think this will just need getting used to. I agree on making the HP bar a brighter colour though if possible as now it is not as easy to keep an eye on with peripheral vision. An alternative idea could be to give an indicator if your HP is low.

    The text for number of items needs some readjusting I think. The white text can be difficult to read against the item behind it, especially if the item is a light colour. To be fair, it was a problem with the old HUD too but it is more apparent now.

    Overall though I like the new design and it is a step forward. It's easy to tell that this has had much more attention to detail put into it than the old one, and it is something that was needed now the game is starting to mature. Good work!

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    the action bar is not perfect it clearly needs to be improved the actual desing is god but needs to be further improved in my opinion would be better if each class had a different model and 3d

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    Honestly, it's bad. I still have the problem of not being able to click the bar to move chat because it's blocked by the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogebrand View Post
    Honestly, it's bad. I still have the problem of not being able to click the bar to move chat because it's blocked by the list.

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    I will say I am indifferent to the overall layout of the UI. But the main gripe I have is the glared "glass" effect over the health/energy orbs. They make it much harder, especially at certain levels, to see at a glance what level they are at. In my picture below about where I drew the red line and above it is the worst as far as being able to tell.

    Also, just my opinion, coming not as a semi professional graphic designer, but I would stay away from greens, as they are not optimal to those that are color blind. If you want a color to help other elements "pop" out I would not choose a color that looks monochrome for a portion of the population. I'd suspect a semi-pro graphic designer kinda knows this however.

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    My opinion is simply this: keep the old layout but add the current style, and make the borders thinner. They really didn't need to readjust the positioning of the HP and Energy orbs.

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    The complaint I have for the new UI is that the border is just too thick and too stand out to the rest of everything else. Moving the health and energy bubbles to the middle is a smart decision, but the bold golden border just spoiled all that smart away. It's freaking distracting.

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