Happy Friendsgiving 2021 to all!

This year we're celebrating Thanksgiving in Trove with a special wink to all our friends around the world!

To celebrate such a big party with lots of friends, you need lots of lovely prepared dishes that will be to the taste of all your guests. What would a party be without a good meal?
And that's where we need your help, Trovians. Chefsly needs you to cook all the little dishes necessary for the success of this big party!
Don't forget to cook some small dishes for yourself as well, as they'll come in handy during your adventures and battles against the invasion of the Shadow Gobblers.

Set up a party table in your club world or cornerstone and place plenty of food and decorations there to celebrate that big party with your friends. You will receive everything you need by participating in our Friendsgiving 2021 event from November 16, 2021 at 11:00 UTC/12:00 CET/3:00 PT/5:00 CT until November 30, 2021 at 11:00 UTC/12:00 CET/3:00 PT/5:00 CT*.
At the same time, participate in our special Friendsgiving 2021 event >>> HERE <<< to earn additional rewards.

But that's not all, you will also be able to earn many other rewards and discover new monster bosses in the Delves. Learn more in our FAQ >>> HERE <<<.

Also take a look at our in-game store to discover the special packs that will only be available during the duration of the event:

Potluck Party

Fowl Fancies
Infinium Chef Pack

Amperium Dragon Pack
Resistor Dragon Pack

Help Chefsly cook a royal feast for all your friends in Trove!

Best wishes,
Your Trove Team!

* The event will only start on PC, XBox and PS EU/US.