Quartermaster is already available in delves and in the basement of the halloween house in hub, was it necessary to make it steal dungeon chests too? At least it could say "Thank you for helping us" and give you 20 lunar condensate to balance the sinkhole of the mystery boxes that contains shadow eve boxes that contains 1x pumpkin each. I feel like you're always playing trick or treat on us.
That's extremely depressing to grind an entire day only to get 1x pumpkin in each eve box.
IDK but I think you should review everything before you launch it.
Fae VS Undead event was so much more balanced, plus, it was equal for all players and it didn't take forever to find the needed biomes.
Spookytime, Haunted, Skelly and Spooklia lootboxes are a real scam honestly.
Literal slave labor.
You have 2 entire weeks to fix it all but I doubt you'll do it. But at least I'm trying to warn you: You didn't fully study the case of the halloween event this year and it has repercussions.
Imagine in real life. You want pudding. You buy 5 tons of pudding compound for thousands and thousands of dollars, you go to a cook NPC, and he makes you 1x pudding with all the compound and throws the rest to the garbage.. Well, that'S how lunar condensates feels like.
I heard there are costumes in the spooklia/spookytime/haunted/skelly boxes on previous years videos. I won't ever get em because I'm too scared everything turns into shadow eve boxes containing 1x pumpkin each.
Tricks can be fun and games. But when it becomes disappointing, there's a problem.