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Thread: No Halloween for us?

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    No Halloween for us?

    Can someone please explain why Switch doesn’t get a Halloween event this year? Are we just going to be left out of events from now on? I was really looking forward to it and am so sad.

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    It would seem so. After being told to check socials for delays by a gamigo representative after the preview stream and nothing of the sort happening, not to mention we're 3 days into the event on EVERY OTHER PLATFORM *ahem*, I think it's safe to say that the Switch is indeed getting shafted for major events... The last event that happened on Switch was SunFest. >.> Heck, the Switch is still on the Hubdate update while everywhere else is getting Lunar Leap, Bards, etc.

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    Angry What's the hold-up gamigo

    I think the devs forgot about switch, we aren't even getting turkeytopia. We did get lunar plunge though.

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