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  Click here to go to the first Trove Team post in this thread.   Thread: -=- The "Lets Make a Fishing Guide" Thread -=-

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    -=- The "Lets Make a Fishing Guide" Thread -=-

    *** This OP mostly serves as a memento to the original launch and excitement of fishing. The only information you need, truly, is this Google docs spreadsheet:
    Beyond that, the rest of the text in this OP is mostly for nostalgia.
    Use the comment section to help contribute information each and every time a fishing update occurs!***

    I would like to personally thank the awesome people that took the time to collect data, test data, discuss data, post data here, and post data in a beautiful format to the Spreadsheet. This guide would not be possible without the hundreds and hundreds of contributions. Thank you!!

    So now that Fish and Ships has come ashore, I think it's time we start gathering information about my favorite part of the update: the fish. If you type in /mastery in the game, you'll probably notice that there's quite a few fish to collect, 41 to be exact. But if you think you can sit in the hub and spam "f" to complete this task, think again, because of this line in the patch notes:

    * Fishing is now live! Catch fish and deconstruct them for resources and to add them to your collection. Some fish can be hard to catch and require special conditions! Currently, fish can only be found in water and lava. Chocolate and plasma faring fish will make their appearance in a future update!

    So, Trovians, it's time to stockpile those lures and call yourself Ash Ketchum, because we're going to make a Fishing Thread!


    Getting Started

    Firstly, you want glim. I recommend 1100 glim to start, or you won't be fishing very long.
    Go into the hub and head to the southeast corner of spawn. There, in the pirate cove, you'll find round crafting benches outside and a bird pirate named Saltwater Sam wandering around inside. Trade Sam and buy the Basic Fishing Pole for 200 glim, and some supply of lures (each lure is 10 glim - the higher priced lures just give you more lures for 10 glim each). From here, you can hit "f" to fish in the little pond nearby. Just wait for the bobber to dip, your character to spasm and a steady clicking to be heard and hit "f" again to collect your fish.

    It's also worth noting you can fish while on your boat. Congratulations, you're fishing!

    -= Fish, Locations and Loot =-

    There's a spreadsheet that my be easier to read at:

    (The google spreadsheet is just phenomenal. Much more helpful than what can be created in this forum post)


    Special thanks to spar13 for making this and everyone for updating

    This next segment will list the liquid types**, their rarity, and the name - loot of each individual fish.

    **Originally the guide was written by biome. It soon became obvious that the only fish that's impacted by the biome you fish in are the rare ones, which there is one specific to each. All the common fish and uncommon fish can be caught anywhere.

    - Water fishing -

    Common fish

    Jumping Jadefin - 3 glim
    Blue Balladine - 5 glim
    Violet Verseskimmer - 10 glim
    Genteel Goldfish - 20 glim
    Crimson Siltdancer - 40 glim
    Thalasstian Princess - 60 glim
    Abyssal Gazer - 80 glim

    Uncommon fish

    Fat Catfish - 100 glim
    Enchanting Faefish - 50 glim + 2 faerie dust
    Frozen Orefish - 50 glim + 10 glacial shards
    Radiant Shardine - 50 glim + 10 radiant shards
    Saltwater Swordfish - 50 glim + 10 flux
    School of Fish - 50 glim + 1 blank scroll

    Rare fish (all give 1000 glim + 1 ancient scale)

    Wide-Eyed Noobfish - Tutorial World
    Hub Hugger - Hub World
    Dry Bones - Desert Frontier
    Gloam Fish - Cursed Vale [inside the purple mushroom lair]
    Ancient Seafish - Treasure Isles [or a Club World or Peaceful]
    Weird Fisheye - Shadow Arena
    Radiant Moonfish - Sky Realm (night)
    Radiant Dawnfish - Sky Realm (day)

    - Lava Fishing -

    Common fish

    Balefire Frenzyfang - 3 glim
    Fiery Finflapper- 5 glim
    Igneous Isopod - 10 glim
    Conflagrating Clam - 20 glim
    Dancing Dragonfish - 40 glim
    Rainbow-Shelled Turtleling - 60 glim
    Shadowspawned Trilobiter - 80 glim

    Uncommon fish

    Shapestone Orefish - 50 glim + 10 shapestone
    Formicite Orefish - 50 glim + 5 formicite
    Infinium Orefish - 50 glim + 5 infinium
    Lava Lancefish - 50 glim + 10 flux
    Pressurized Coalfish - 50 glim + 1 diamond
    Flamesnout Orefish - 50 glim + 5 primordial flames
    Glass Gazer - 50 glim + 3 bottles

    Rare fish (all give 1000 glim + 1 ancient scale)

    Flameroasted Noobfish - Tutorial world
    Charred Hub Hugger - Hub
    Frigid Firefish - Frozen Biome [Snowman dungeon]
    Tropical Volcanofish - Treasure Isles
    Soaring Flamefish - can't be found
    Ancient Lavarider - Peaceful [or Treasure Isles of Club World]

    -= Fishing Poles =-

    (Guide still in progress)

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    Very nice initiative.

    If I may add my discoveries :

    Common fish
    Crimson Siltdancer - 40 glim

    Uncommon fish :
    Enchanting Faefish - 50 glim + 2 faerie dust
    Frozen Orefish - 50 glim + 10 glacial shard

    Waiting time before catching a fish
    Chrono-ing my fishing attempts to get min, max and avg time to catch a fishie.
    Will be posting results.
    10 attempts : seems to be between 20 and 30 secs. min is 22, max is 29 atm.
    20 attempts : tends to confirm 20-30s. Distribution favors ~24s and ~27s

    Fishing locations
    Hub ponds : works
    Treasure Isles : works
    Water placed by players in cornerstone : quite surprisingly works

    Fishing Results
    20 attempts : 14 common, 6 uncommon
    I forgot to write down which ones though. Snap.

    Fishing in general
    Whenever the floatie starts unfloating, you have exactly 5 seconds to clickie before the fishie is gone.
    According to general catch time distribution, I think the most favorable moment to clickie is 28s after launch (It is within 23+5s and 27+5s, 23 and 27s being the times I recorded the most, with very few <23 and almost none >28)

    For science.

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    I've also gotten the Crimson Siltdancer, Fat Catfish and Frozen Orefish in the Hub.

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    Oregon, USA

    Crimson Siltdancer: 40 glim
    Fat Catfish: 100 glim
    Frozen Orefish: ?? glim and 9 glacial shards (deconned, didn't catch glim)
    my ign is fluxboyardee

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    Thanks for the help!
    I'll compile a contributor list at the bottom of the first post soon (:

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    Sneaky bump to notify I will update my post on a regular basis instead of answering.
    Don't hesitate to look back to my first answer to get new info every once in a while.

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    It seems like you can get all common and uncommon fish everywhere.
    For the rare ones its the ancient sea fish everywhere, dry bones in canyon biome and hub hugger in the hub

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    We would need an empirical study to determine drop rates of each fish.

    Would anyone bother helping me get some valuable data ?

    What I need is a sheet (excel, google doc, calc, whatever) in the following format :

    Fishing Location - Number of attempts
    (Attempt n°) (time between lure launch, and fish catch) (fish caught)

    e.g. :
    Treasure isles - 5 attempts
    1 | 21s | Crimson Siltdancer
    2 | 24s | Jumping Jadefin
    3 | 22s | Blue balladine
    4 | 26s | Jumping Jadefin
    5 | 27s | Jumping Jadefin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsanian View Post
    dry bones in canyon biome
    confirming this, drops 1k glim and 1 ancient scale

    gonna spend some time in radiant ruins seeing if those two rares are there
    my ign is fluxboyardee

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    Sacramento, CA
    I'll update the spreadsheet as the topic updates.

    If you want access to modify it, please pm me your google account email.

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