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Thread: First impression on Reworked Lunar Lancer (LL)

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    First impression on Reworked Lunar Lancer (LL)

    TL;DR: Nice alternative to Knight but not a total replacement due to how abilities work.
    Test done by constant 270 - 300 RTT so may not have accurate results.

    Passive: The new concept is nice, but slow refill rate if lack of enemy count.
    Especially when DPS a Delve boss, who mostly don't summon.
    Despite Lunar Form grants massive strength on paper, the lack of good exclusive abilities
    and ability to benefit from Chronomantic Emblem made LL a class hard to do consistent damage output.

    Basic Attack: 1 more range than Knight. Has a great balance between forward and horizontal hit box.
    The attack-move delay is minimal than Knight, which means LL is more fun to play with. (Sorry Knight)
    The 180% damage is fair, still enough to 1 shot U10 Topside mob while not overshadowing Knight's 250%.

    Grapple: Hook in Bomber Royale, good. In Geode, always have problem.
    In LL, I get a "bounce" instead. So I can "bounce" to ground and launch myself forward.
    It seems good on paper, but it's hard to control consistent momentum as well, which is why Knight's Charge is still my fav.

    Lunar Leap: Gunslinger's Blast Jump is much easier to use, but lacks extra height or forward momentum.
    Leap has forward momentum but awkward slow fall.
    Any knockback by enemy will result an undesired relocation.

    Grapple + Lunar Leap: When Leap is performed, there is a delay before I am allowed to use Grapple.
    Which means using this combo to snipe a boss is harder to perform consistently.
    Slope climbing is much easier, however.

    Lunarform: Mostly for long distance of dungeon to dungeon traveling.
    Crescent combo: Not suitable for chest opening.
    Some abilities don't contribute a lot to DPS, so LL could been viewed as another "left click class" again.
    Eclipse Spear: Travel too slow and the dmg isn't compensating enough. I'm influenced a lot by Fae's Glitter Bomb.
    Lunar Slam: Again, faster, pls.
    Blessing of the Moon: No movement buff if left radius, rip.

    So, what is the main problem?
    Main problem with LL is that it feels less encouraging to use abilities bcs they don't work consistently,
    or Chronomantic abusable as Gunslinger, Ice Sage, Dracolyte and Chloromancer do.
    The Lunar Form is very hard to be persistent, and many fights are not encountered as what Trove 2015 do.

    The exclusive abilities on Lunarform further hurts the capability to do the job, be it either farming or DPS.

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    Updated Impression
    PS: PTS has really bad latency the moment I tested LL.

    Changes - Increased moon power gained from abilities.
    Still the same issue.
    Abilities aren't designed to be friendly when vs boss or area where you don't want to change directions awkwardly.

    Basic Attack:
    Changes - 180% > 300% > 280% PD

    I can see this change is mainly compensating the lack of capability to transform during a boss fight in Delves.
    However, this changes also means LL has the currently best basic attack among Trove, in terms of both execution and damage,
    which is really unfair in my opinion. (His hitbox is really generous...)

    Changes should be more focused on abilities, or compensating by buffing other class at same patch. (Knight's base move speed, Charge momentum, etc)
    Not just focus on already solid basic attack.
    Increasing damage also further discourage players from using abilities.

    Changes - 400% > 350% PD, 8 sec > 6 sec CD,
    no more "bounciness", have refund, bigger area of impact.

    Basically back to original Grapple, but slightly better.
    It is still prone to latency issue, but has refund.
    It also eliminate "bouncy jump" , which made Lunar Leap useless.

    This ability could have retained the damage since it is not spammable.

    Lunar Leap:
    Changes - Nothing from last writing date

    The slow fall really ruined the use of Grapple, bcs it is very hard to correct the momentum with the "buff".

    Grapple + Lunar Leap:
    Basically trying to avoid it, bcs it is really hard to use with the slowfall and delayed input.
    Even with increased Grapple buff (8 > 12 sec), it's hard to execute practically.

    Changes - Basic 650% > 750% > 680% PD, 20% > 10% stun

    This should be the main focus of this class when LL wanted to deals more damage.
    However, the abiltiies are still mostly counter-intuitive.
    The lack of stun further threatening LL's survivability.

    Eclipse Spear:
    Changes - Move faster.

    This is how it should have been...
    The Moon power consumption and gain still made it hard to be used frequently.

    Lunar Slam:
    Changes - 1300% > 1000% > 1150% PD

    I honestly don't get the idea of this ability.
    Even if we look at this ability back in Trove 2015, it is still very slowly executed, and doesn't really give major impact.
    The consumption of Moon Power further raising a question mark: What's the point of Slam?

    Blessing of the Moon:
    Changes - 1000% > 1500% > 1350% PD

    This should be the main focus of Lunarform.
    When the spear stays, it will continuously launch projectile from sky, damaging block as well.
    Very weird about the block damage, since it could ruin dungeoning experience, compared to original ability.

    The cost of Moon Power seems fair... but when considered other abilities, it isn't.

    Main problem is still there.

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