Dear Trovians,

We have great news for all of our Trove adventurers on PS and XBox!

We are happy to announce that a new chapter in the history of Trove has just started on PS and XBox: the magnificent "Tune Up" update has arrived.

Our little musician - with his elegant moves - makes his debut. His powerful songs will mesmerize us and make us even stronger on our future adventures.

In addition, you will also be able to benefit from previous updates, because the "Tune Up" update doesn't stop just at the Bard!

Let's welcome our new character class - the BARD - to PS and XBox. Read through our FAQ >>> HERE <<< to discover this this new, very musical, fast and agile class, which will be of great help to its allies during combat thanks to its songs, and which will defeat its enemies while making the strings of its lute vibrate.

Also take advantage of the new additions to our in-game store >>> HERE <<<

Make your musical strings vibrate in Trove on PS and XBox!

The following patch notes are PS and XBox only. Here's an overview of today's update:

Find all information about the Bard in our FAQ >>> HERE <<<.
  • Bards weave together stylish moves and powerful songs in order to buff allies and dish out magic damage. Bards use fist weapons to power up the strums of their lute. They have the ability to convert the physical damage on fist weapons into magic damage. This class goes to 11!
  • Bard can be obtained through crafting on the chaos crafter or one of the Bard Packs. The Bard class cannot be obtained through class coins or the Sweet Sixteen Pack.
  • Passive Ability - Melody
    Melody is used for the Bard’s abilities and is generated from the Bardsong buff. Gaining Melody rotates what ultimate the Bard has access to. Having high Melody will also increase the Bard's basic attack damage. Melody is displayed on the Bardsong buff bar.
  • Basic Attack
    The Bard sends out a strum of their lute dealing 250% magic damage to enemies in front of them. When the bard has 3 Melody this attack deals 450% magic damage but turning it up to 7 Melody deals 700% magic damage.
  • Primary Ability - Nimble Dance
    A parry attack that deals 200% damage in a cone and grants the user an invulnerability bubble for 1 second. Nimble Dance removes 1 Melody. If used correctly during the Bardsong buff it will add 1 Melody.
  • Secondary 1 - Singing Crystal
    Throws a singing crystal onto the ground. Whenever a song is used to buff nearby players, the area of effect is around both the bard and crystal. After using the ability Singing Crystal swaps into Crystal Pop.
  • Secondary 2 - Crystal Pop
    Detonates the Singing Crystal with an overloaded amount of musical energy causing it to deal 350% magic damage to enemies around it and destroying the Singing Crystal. After using the ability Crystal Pop swaps back to Singing Crystal.
  • Ultimate 1 - Epic Riff
    Starts the Bardsong buff and adds 1 to Melody. Bardsong periodically spawns icons above the Bard’s head. If the player uses the ability that matches the icon while it is active, they will gain 1 Melody. All Melody is lost when Bardsong buff ends. Duration is 50 seconds and displayed on the Bardsong buff bar. Using this ability while the Bardsong buff is active will refresh the song, keep your current Melody and add 1 to Melody. Abilities that can be used to gain Melody from the song are Basic Attack, Primary, Secondary, and Dodge.
  • Ultimate 2 - Jubilant Song
    Causes nearby allies to dance and gain 25% increased movement speed and 30 max energy. Buffs allies with a 50% chance to restore energy when dealing damage. Removes 3 Melody when used. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Ultimate 3 - Peaceful Song
    Heals nearby allies by 20% of max health and buffs them with 8% life gain when dealing damage. Additionally stuns nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. Removes 3 Melody when used. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Ultimate 4 - Battle Song
    Triggers an explosion around the bard dealing 600% magic damage to nearby enemies and temporarily redirects aggro to the player. Buffs nearby allies with 30% Physical and Magical Damage and 20 critical hit. Removes 3 Melody when used. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Class Gem
    The Bard has increased attack range and bard songs increased effectiveness.
    Jubilant - Gain increased movement speed by 40% and max energy by 50. Buffs allies with a 50% chance to restore energy when dealing damage.
    Peaceful - Heals nearby allies by 45% of max health and buffs them with 15% life gain when dealing damage. Additionally, it applies stun to nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
    Battle - Explosion deals 800% magic damage to nearby enemies and temporarily redirects aggro to the player. Buffs nearby allies to gain 45% Physical and Magical Damage and 45 critical hit.
  • Subclass ability - Personal Song
    Sing yourself a little song when you head into battle. When attacking, gain Jubilant, Peaceful, and Battle song buffs in that order. Each lasts for 3 seconds with a 15 second cooldown. Increases effectiveness with subclasses level.
    Jubilant - Gain increased movement speed by 2% (15% at max level) and max energy by 2% (15% at max level).
    Peaceful - 1% (5% at max level) life gain when dealing damage.
    Battle - Gain increased attack speed by 2% (15% at max level) and critical hit by 2% (15% at max level).

  • The dusky mount Dhade the Wisp Dancer has shown up in public and private delves.
  • Look for Dhade in delves filled with smoke – these will only appear after the first Shadowy Soul Vault.

  • A new biome has been added to delves!
  • Called Crack the Court, this biome is based on the Fae Wilds biome.
  • 2 new mounts, 3 new allies, 3 new banner styles, and 10 new mementos can be found in this biome.
  • A “spiderboss” matchmaker is initially available for a limited purchase from the delve hub merchant.
  • ”Spiderboss,” “King,” and “Queen” matchmakers are available as rare drops from the delve lockbox.
  • Once the mementos for these bosses are unlocked, these matchmakers can be crafted on Fae Fridays (all Fridays are Fae Fridays) under the “Daily Memento Gateways” section of the Delve Workbench.
  • Minibosses – a new Delve objective type, pitting Trovians against a single, beefed-up enemy – can appear exclusively (for now) in the Crash the Court biome.

Current chloromancer was lacking overall in damage and healing utility. The goal of this revamp was to increase the effectiveness of Chloromancer’s plants and make the class more effective against bosses. We have revamped the class with the following changes.
  • Passive: New Ability: Mini Bloom - Basic Attacks have a 25% chance to spawn plants near enemies. They will explode in a burst of pollen that heals allies by 5% and deals 500% Magic Damage to enemies. Using Basic Attack on Mini Blooms makes them explode instantly. Maximum of 4 at a time.
  • Basic Attack: Fires solar energy that damages enemies and heals allies. Heals allies for 4% of their maximum health up from 2%, and plants for 18% of its maximum health up from 12%.
  • Primary Ability: Green Gatling - Throw a seed that grows into a plant. It will fire 1 volley of bullets at a nearby target dealing 160% Magic Damage every shot. Healing plants makes them grow faster. Maximum of 3 at a time.
  • Secondary Ability 1: Leafy Lasher - Lob a seed that grows into a plant over 2s. Once fully grown, it spins around and continually snares and damages enemies for 100% Magic Damage (down from 215%) every .8s. Maximum of 2 at a time. Healing the plant will make it grow faster. Lashers’ damage stacks and radius has been increased.
  • Ultimate: New Ability: Empowered Growth - Empowers the Leafy Lasher and Green Gatling to be larger versions. Green Gatling deals up to 380% Magic Damage and fires multiple volleys of bullets at targets. Leafy Lasher snare gains additional effectiveness, reducing movement by 100%.
  • Class Gem: When Empowered Growth is active the Chloromancer heals nearby plants and allies. Allies are healed 10% every 1.5 second for 12 sec.

  • Hovercycles have been added as new mounts from Leviathans.
  • Each Geode Topside Leviathan drops one of the hovercycle recipes. These recipes are not available from Leviathans in delves.
  • Crafting a hovercycle requires a weekly torch from that Leviathan along with other materials.
  • Hovercycles may also act as ships when used in water.

Find all information about our new packs in our in-game store >>> HERE <<<.
  • Three new packs have entered stage left:
    • The Bard Pack contains the Bard class along with the Wings of Song, the Cubix and Pretend Performer costumes for the Bard, and the Root Beer and Wild Hog allies.
    • The Bard Super Pack contains the Bard class, the Pegasooza mount, the Wings of Song, the Cubix, Pretend Performer, DUBBard, Twangy Clangy, and Tremolonely costumes, the Root Beer, Wild Hog, and Fervent Support allies, and tops it off with 13370 credits. (This pack will be available at a later time)
    • An upgrade pack will be available for players who have purchased the Bard Pack and wish to upgrade to the Bard Super Pack. (This pack will be available at a later time)
  • The description of the Sweet Sixteen Pack has been updated to specifically mention it does not unlock the Bard class.
  • Added some costumes to the Style tab of the store:
    • Jolly Jester for Bard
    • Si-ngs-lar for Bard
    • Techno Tenor for Bard
    • Rimestar for Bard
    • Steadfast Striker for Neon Ninja
    • Crimson Corsair for Lunar Lancer
    • Twilight Ranger for vanguardian
    • Corgian Borkbarian for Candy Barbarian

  • Mastery has been extended.
  • Increased the darkness of delves around depth 170 and deeper.
  • Mementos have their appearances updated. Daily Memento Gateways have had their item images updated to match.
  • /club list should no longer crash the client.
  • Collection tooltips will no longer fly off the top of the screen at odd window sizes.
  • Added several new deltaliths to delves: Flak Bombardment, Spike Covered, and Chain Death.
  • It should no longer be possible to open shadow tower or leviathan boss Gateways at a depth below which they can appear.
  • Shadow tower boss Gateways now have a minimum depth of 35, but can start deeper depending on queued players.
  • Leviathan boss Gateways now have a minimum depth of 85, but can start deeper depending on queued players.
  • Delves with crystal gathering objectives now require less crystals.
  • Music in delves is now more varied.
  • Added several new rooms to delves.
  • Some impassible walls have been broken down in delves.
  • Fixed some lighting issues that could appear in delves.
  • The Last Taxi mount can no longer be used in delves.
  • Chaos chest rewards should consistently allow themselves to be deconstructed for chaos cores.
  • Some monster models have been updated to refer to correct pieces.
  • Some items will now be automatically looted that previously required being picked up.
  • Fixed the description for the Harbinger of Heck costume for the Pirate Captain.
  • Removed mastery from some mounts and allies that should not be available yet.
  • Corrected typo in collections, item that was listed as "Captains Quarry" has been corrected to "Captain's Quarry".
  • Fixed very rare situations where a delve could be created with no lair. (Special thanks to those delvers who helped us isolate this issue.)
  • Updated the description for active Delve depths to reference whether the player is in a Public, Private, or challenge Delves.
  • Enemy names have been added to trophies to make it easier to associate deltalith affects with those enemies.
  • Added the Chromacycled deltalith.
  • A new helpful object has been added to the Delve Building! It provides information about objects and systems you might experience in Delves.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the client to react slowly when /getworldid is used multiple times.
  • Fixed some erroneous button highlighting that could occur on the Club UI.
  • Made combat text for minion damage more consistently purple.
  • Fixed an issue where several collection entries had the Cannot be traded message.
  • The Fae Wildride mount is now tradable.
  • The Carrocket now has doors. No more decompression issues.
  • The Green Sun Warrior in the Geode Hub has found his right pauldron and is now properly armored to protect this vital location.
  • 3 new allies have been added to the Dev Dream collection.
  • Added a new crafting tier to Crystallogy! The Bardmancologist is now unlocked at 300 skill and unlocks the ability to craft new allies, mounts, wings, and new costumes for the Bard class!
  • Bardium has been added to the Geode Caves. Found in Tier 5, this new rare ore is used to craft the Bard class, allies, mount, wings, and costumes.
  • The Lunar Lunatic costume for Bard has been added to the Shadowy Market for Despoiled Divinity.
  • New trophies have been added for the Pirrot Captain bosses in delves.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Bomber Royale when all possible spectators are already dead.
  • Added a mod out of date warning that will show up when mods are out of date once per update.
  • Ancient Gears should now count towards ore collection requirements in delves.
  • Increased mastery for the Cookie Conjurer, Cornucopia, Mistletoe Matron, Snowfest Slugger, Lederhosen Lancer, and Capotain Commander costumes.
  • The drop rates of stable gateways have been increased.
  • Q’bthulhu Corners will be a little more common at depths 162+ in private and public delves.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the “Welcome to the Hub” message for new users to flicker.
  • Some collectables have received minor appearance improvements.
  • Changed the name of the Pyro Firefighter costume to Pyro Fighter for consistency.

Best regards,
Your Trove Team!