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Thread: can someone help me on how to appeal for mistaken ban

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    can someone help me on how to appeal for mistaken ban

    Good day am a old player on trove way back 2015 and i would like to ask if there other way to unban my account it included in the ban wave way back in 2015 i appeal for more than 6 month until 2016 but the glyph tech support only say we will look on it and email you please take note that they didn't explain why my 2 account is ban and i also stated on my DM to them that am only using one PC so time passed and no email i receive from the tech support then i gave up and move on to other game but way back in 2020 i saw that trove still up and i also see that there are account that have been unban and try my luck to once again appeal i send new DM to the tech support then they reply and said they will look on one week have passed by i try to log in my glyph account both of it only to find out that it was permanently ban and now all the request DM i send to the tech support now i can't access it to get a screen shot is this the way they treat there player that don't spend money on there game or my appeal is just can't be process due to its already 7 years if only they email me or notice me in my glyph account that they cant retrieve it but instead they ban my 2 glyph account for no given explanation (T_T)!!!!

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    Via the gamigo support page, try this email: support@gamigo.com

    Provide as much information as you can, perhasp the support ticket numbers from your previous attempts via customer support may help too if you have them.

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